How many times have you considered transporting goods from one place to another on your truck bed better than any other means?

Truck owners would always prefer their trunk over anything else. As much as we benefit from this facility, it is vital to not leaving goods out in the open unattended can put you in a situation.

An uncovered truck bed means your stuff cannot be left alone overnight. Moreover, sunlight, rain, sand, and harsh wind can be the culprit behind damaged goods. Therefore, an excellent sleek cover is probably the best option to safeguard your rights.

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Tonneau Hard Trunk Bed cover is among the top-rated tonneau covers everyday truck-person has an eye for. Whether you drive your car around rugged topography or through sandy motorways, there is nothing better than a decent backflip tonneau cover that will keep your stuff in its place without toppling over or bumping into each other.

The best bak tonneau cover can be used in a variety of ways. You can fold it, roll it up, and retract it upon your will. Giving you full access and the accommodation to lock-it through the ergonomically fit dual latch system. Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 2021 works efficiently with toolboxes along with contractor racks. You are worried about what to purchase since this is your first-time buying cover for your truck?

Look no further as Truck Bed Tonneau Cover review is the comprehensive guide here to assist you in understanding all the features and specifications that place this cover at the top.


  • Secures well with the help of tailgates
  • Low-profile
  • Flush-mount that blends in with the truck
  • High-quality latch systems
  • Does not cover the brake light
  • Complete fold up for 100% access
  • Prop rods hold the cover upright for full access
  • Durable materials
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Lightweight
  • Matt finish fights off UV rays
  • Scratch proof


In just a few years, BAKFlip MX4 has become the best tonneau cover under 1000$. How it connects beauty and functionality is the reason it has won the heart of many individual truck owners. Moreover, only a few months after its release in the market, it became America’s #1 Selling folding hardcover, and there are many factors to support it.

A primary reason why users prefer this bed cover from other covers is its sleek no-profile design. The stylish appearance of your truck will not be compromised at all due to this truck bed since it will sit low and is made with the finest components, all adding to its aesthetics. The BAKFlip MX4 bed cover is the best of your budget since it costs very less as compared to its competitors providing the same features. Note that the company is offering a 5-year warranty, backed with a full dedicated team working hard in the US.

Design and Features

BAK BAKFlip MX4 Hard Folding Truck Bed Tonneau Cover top has durable aluminum panels, which give it the ability to fit into the truck securely. The automatic operating latch system holds your items in place, whether it is entirely closed or just partially. The tailgates complete the process of maintaining and securing the goods in place.

The usability of this bed cover is also something that attracts first-time buyers. There is no complication since all the components are well-designed and are ergonomically fit to cater to all types of users. All you have to do is unlock the cover from the pull latches that work smoothly without requiring a lot of force.

The next stage is where you are required to fold the sheet to whatever extent you want. Get 100% access onto the truck bed, where you can also make use of the tightening two rods on the side to hold your items in place. Top-rated Tonneau covers are well-known since they don’t dominate the exterior of your truck at all. Having a low-profile, these truck covers sit low and can withstand an evenly distributed weight of 414lbs.

The looks of this cover are worth mentioning. The matte-finish comes with ideal high-quality fabric that is scratch-proof and comes with the ability to fight against the harmful UV rays. No matter how bad the weather is, this cover will completely secure your goods with the additional assistance of aluminum panels. All the components of this Tonneau bed cover, including clamps and side rails, are designed with care to give you the best satisfactory performance.

Note that users do not have to hold the cover bed upright themselves while managing their goods. No need additional help from anyone or the need for tools as the durable prop rods securely hold the position.

Furthermore, the hauling of cargo becomes more comfortable since the bed cover does not obstruct the third bracket light when held upright. Don’t forget the shock-absorbent bumpers available on both the sides that protect your luggage from hitting the hands of the truck.

  • Drill-free installation. Users do not need any equipment or the drilling of tools as the clamps and rails fit perfectly
  • Thick fabric made with multiple layers to avoid any tear or scratch.
  • Work perfectly fine in harsh weather conditions
  • This is an affordable product which is providing various advantages
  • The bed cover does not fit perfectly with the end of the truck
  • Clips on the bar to hold the bed upright stop working effectively after some time

When it comes to buying the ideal cover for your car, note that several factors decide its worth. People who are purchasing this product for the first time should know that they should not opt for the cover that looks appealing since its ability to resist weather, handle the weight, price, warranty, ergonomics of other components, etc. are all the things that should be noted.

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