Owning a truck has its perks. It is more than just a way of transportation; it is a vehicle that will stick with you at all times. Whereas, if you are looking for new ways to better your truck’s appearance, then you should go for a tonneau cover. 

A truck bed cover is the best thing you’ll ever come across as it serves a handful of benefits. In addition to this, tonneau covers also improve mileage and provide lots of storage facilities for cargo. Moreover, they also look good and can be used to improve the overall appearance of your truck. 

If you’re looking to find an excellent looking tonneau cover to fix your GMC and Chevrolets with, then you came to the right place. Without a doubt, it can be challenging to figure out which tonneau cover you should pick for your truck, but don’t worry; we have the cure for you. 

Have you heard of BAK? If not, then it is only the best and well-known automobile accessory brand in the entire automotive industry. With that being said, the BAK Revolver X4, 6.6-FT Bed truck tonneau cover is everything you need for enhancing the looks of your vehicle. 

A tonneau truck cover offers a lot of benefits other than just making your vehicle look elegant – it helps to keep your cargo safe. If you leave your truck unshielded or unattended, the load can be stolen or go through some other mishaps. So, you must add the BAK Revolver X4, 6.6-FT Bed to your list of “truck accessories.” 

In this review, we’ll discuss all aspects of the BAK Revolver X4, 6.6-FT Bed tonneau truck cover, from the description, pros/cons, to whether you should buy it or not. We hope that our BAK Revolver X4 Hard rolling truck bed tonneau cover 2021 fulfills your needs. Let’s begin.


  • No stitching or Velcro
  • Made in the USA
  • Incredible quality aluminum slats
  • A no-drill or heavy mechanic installation
  • Cover can be seen from the rearview mirror
  • Manufactured with A-grade vinyl
  • Does not require heavy lifting
  • Suitable for BakBox2
  • Matte finish, side rails for OEM abilities
  • An attractive, low-profile, sleek cover
  • Completely rollable for full bed use
  • Patented locks for cover length assurance
  • Doesn’t interrupt the 3rd brake light
  • Can be rolled in and out easily


Introducing the most amazing and reliable tonneau cover ever – the BAK Revolver X4, 6.6-FT Bed tonneau cover. It is called the “hard rolling” truck bed cover because it is packed with incredible features, similar to the Revolver X2, but with a whole new style and matte finish. 

When rolled close, the heavy-duty aluminum slats protect the full length of the bed cover from each side, delivering unmatched security and power. When rolled open, the cover rolls up real tight, offering proper access to the bed without interrupting or blocking the 3rd brake light or rearview mirror access. 

This is the best BAK tonneau cover for you and your truck. With that being said, do you know how beneficial the aluminum rails are for your truck bed? They not only look good with the matte finish of the cover, but they also deliver fantastic resistance to UV radiations and cuts. 

Also, you’ll love how the high-in-density foam supports the “sense of feel” of the cover, plus it adds long-term usage even with harsh movements. 

Furthermore, the Bak Revolver X4, 6.6-FT truck bed cover provides your truck with a full OEM appearance. In addition to this, the sturdy aluminum slats are tiered with industrial-grade vinyl, achieved from the all-new matte finish seals and rails that match the presence of the bed rail caps of your pickup truck. The Revolver X4 is everything you need for your pickup truck.

The Revolver X4, 6.6-FT Bed truck cover enhances both the appearance and functioning of your vehicle. It also protects your cargo load while adding the term “sweet” to your ride. 

Design and Features

The Revolver X4 beats the traditional “three-­panel” rule by adding four panels to the cover, and several other features. In addition to this, you’ll love how the opens for 100% bed access, plus the universal seal, can be used to close the cover or tailgate to make it more versatile. 

Moreover, the BAK Revolver X4 top-rated tonneau cover can hold more than 400 lbs of evenly surfaced weight. Other than that, the automatic latch system is also something to rejoice – it makes the coat smooth and long-term to use. 

Thanks to the industrial-grade, matte finish vinyl, you get to own an excellently designed tonneau cover, and the side rails, attachment rails, aluminum slats, and seals add versatility to the length of the cover. 

There are a lot of people who have it troublesome to get the hand of tonneau covers, as they don’t open and close quickly, but that’s not the case with the Revolver X4 because the latch system makes it easy to roll open and close. The Revolver X4 is compatible with the 2019-2021 models of GM Sierra and Silverado. 

  • Easy to fold in and out
  • 6-FT Bed
  • Affordable tonneau cover
  • 5-year warranty
  • Latch System
  • Can carry more than 400 lbs of evenly surfaced weight
  • Fits 2019-2021 GM Sierra, Silverado


  • Expensive for some users

Sure, there are so many top-rated tonneau covers crawling in the automobile industry, but the process of finding a good one is never easy. Here’s the thing, it is a must for you to own a tonneau cover for your pickup truck. You can’t leave your truck hanging in the parking lot with nothing to cover the bed with; you need a tonneau cover! With your cargo shielded, your levels of concern suddenly go away. 

With the BAK Revolver X4, 6.6-FT truck bed cover, you can even leave your truck outside for hours with nothing to worry about, because the chances of “robbery, loss, sudden falls, and everything in-between” will decrease to none. 

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