Best 43 Inch TV Under 300

TV has become a part of modern culture. Despite smartphones that show everything we desire with a single click, many people are still fond of Smart TVs for streaming news, sports, and other multimedia content.

However, many brands launching unique products every other day make TV shopping confusing for a usual customer. Also, TVs with massive screens are in demand, especially after the pandemic, which restricts us from visiting cinemas. So, I am here to make TV shopping more exciting for you by narrowing down the best 43 Inch TV under 300. You can rely on them concerning build quality, functions, and budget.

So, explore the best affordable Smart TVs without further ado. 

1. VIZIO 43-Inch V-Series


When you opt for big-sized TVs, you might have to compromise on few things, mainly with the smart features that high-end TVs could offer. However, Vizio 43-Inch V-Series TV is budget-friendly and offers relatively enough features with fantastic display quality to transform your streaming experience. Vizio V-Series supports 4K display formats: Dolby Vision and HDR 10, HDR 10+, and HLG to provide cinematic imaging on your TV screens.

Moreover, the built-in display enhancement technology improves contrast, ensures rich colour production, and peak brightness to give you smooth watching. This best 43-Inch TV under 300 comes with slim bezels around with matte black finishing. The 43-Inch screen size automatically stands out in the room while sitting on the table with the help of two edgy feet. Though setting up the TV might confuse you, the advanced remote control might work as a rescue for you. The voice remote allows you to manage connections, built-in functions, and other navigations using your voice.

Also, stream your favourite movies, shows, and other content with more than 8 million pixels on a screen, striving hard to produce a clear cut display with breathtakingdetailings. The gaming features including, local dimmings, fast response time, and low input lag, would automatically attract gamers. Connecting Gaming consoles and other digital devices via Bluetooth and different wired connection give a bonus point to this best 43-inch TV under 300. However, the two downward-facing speakers might not produce an immersive listening experience. Still, they create a satisfactory sound for regular streaming.

Main Features

  • Sharp 4K picture quality
  • Supports a bunch of internet services including, Netflix and AppleTV+.
  • Attractive and modern design
  • Compatible with multiple display formats


  • Plenty of smart features
  • Voice remote control
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Excellent display performance with 4K HDR support


  • Built-in streaming could be better
  • Poor sound quality

2. SAMSUNG 43-inch Class Crystal UHD TU-8000 Series


Samsung has been around for many decades and never disappoints its customers with the build quality and functionality of products. Their smart TVs have secured crazy success for being affordable yet powerful with an ultra-fast 4K processor. The Samsung 43-inch UHD TU-8000 smart TV is compatible with HDR that reveals rich and vivid colours that you can never find in the other TVs at this price.

In addition, the smart TV OS powered by Tizen open doors for unlimited entertainment provides easy and quick access to a bunch of streaming platforms. Also, the crystal-clear display ensures that the screen performance is crisp and clear with fine-tuning for details. The connectivity features Wifi and Bluetooth under the wireless pairing options, making it convenient to connect smart digital devices in no time. Besides, HDMI, USB, optical digital, Aux, and Ethernet cables can also be found on the back panel.

You can also expect thin bezels with a professional look from this best 43 Inch TV under 300. Considering the price tag, it did not compromise on any features. It offers an incredible contrast ratio and satisfactory reflection handling to deliver dramatic display performance and attract gamers. Yes, gamers will appreciate the low input lag from this Best affordable Smart TV with a speedy response time for gaming.

Main Features

  • Excellent Smart TV Tizen Platform
  • Voice control with Alexa and Bixby
  • Incredible display with impressive detailing
  • Ambient mode to transform display according to the environment for a better experience.


  • Impressive upscaling
  • Decent reflection handling
  • Fine-tuning for detailing
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Affordable


  • Poor viewing angles
  • Lack of local dimming

3. TCL 43 Inch Class 4-Series


TCL 4-Series 43-Inch TV is one of the best entry-level smart TV you could get at this price. It will enhance your watching experience with an excellent contrast ratio with a VA panel that encourages wide viewing angles without compromising the display quality. The display performance of the TCL Smart TV is great with 3840 by 2160 resolution and HDR-10 support. You can expect rich and vivid colours on display with sharp detailing.

However, it does not support advanced 4K formats like Dolby Vision, but what can you expect at this price range? Well, the glossy black 43-Inch TV with built-in Roku is still the best option at this price. It offers more and better than its capability and allows streaming hundreds of channels online over Wifi. You can stream some famous streaming channels with the Roku TV platform including, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Sling, Vue, Pandora, Hulu, Netflix, Spotify, and many others. The Bluetooth and other wired connections also work amazingly, connecting different devices with a TV to make the most out of the big-sized TVs.

For the gamers, low input lag with decent response time is enough for regular gaming. Reflection handling is also pleasing, and the 120Hz refresh rate ensures no motion blur in the fast-moving scenes.  Moreover, the best 43 Inch TV under 300 comes with a solid remote control with four dedicated buttons for famous streaming platforms. The remote also has a microphone button that enables a smart voice control function that works according to the TV you are using.

Main Features

  • Promising colour accuracy
  • Roku TV platform with access to hundreds of online streaming channels
  • Low input lag with decent response time for gamers
  • Bunch of input ports with wireless connections


  • Voice remote control
  • Native contrast is impressive
  • Excellent upscaling
  • Budget-friendly


  • Lack of wide colour gamut

4. RCA RTR4261 Roku Smart TV


Treat your home with this classic RCA RTR4261 Smart TV with premium quality and transform your content streaming experience within a tight budget. The slim design offers ultra-fast functionality with the Roku TV platform. Smart Roku TV OS is an attractive way to stream hundreds of free and paid channels or apps on your TV screen and other smart devices against a single Roku account. It also allows Live streaming of news, sports, and radio with easy access.

Furthermore, RTR4261 delivers rich and vivid colours on the screen with outstanding clarity and sharpness. The sleek yet modern design of the best 43 Inch TV stands out in the room with other built-in functions that work side-by-side to enhance your TV experience.

It connects effortlessly with TVs, DVD players, laptops, or gaming consoles with HDMI. Wifi and Bluetooth connection also encourage quick pairing with smart devices, especially smartphones and tablets.

Main Features

  • Roku TV platform with hundreds plus streaming channel access
  • Compatible to Free mobile app for controlling and navigation
  • Excellent motion handling
  • Handy remote control with dedicated buttons of several functions


  • Clear and crisp picture quality
  • Fast processor
  • Smart interface
  • Inexpensive HD TV


  • No gaming features
  • Awful viewing angles

5. Hisense 43-Inch Class H4 Series LED Roku Smart TV


Hisense 43-Inch Class H4 Smart TV is an ideal entertainment device, perfect for all types of content streaming. It features a 1080p resolution that brings impressive display quality with vivid colours and appropriate brightness so that you won’t miss the details. The sharpness is also appealing, and you won’t even feel any pixels while sitting close to the TV. Besides, the built-in Roku Smart TV platform will cover all your streaming needs by providing hundreds of online channels and apps. Controlling and navigation are also accessible with remote control, which has dedicated buttons for several streaming channels.

The black flat screen of the TV offers more than you could imagine at this price. The fast processor ensures smooth performance, and a motion rate of 120 can promise no lagging in the picture quality. Besides, the built-in Wifi guarantees quick pairing with other devices to share content on the big screen. The budget-friendly Hisense Smart TV contains three HDMI ports, one USB, one composite video input, and one optical digital audio for further entertainment with external devices. 

Also, the sound quality of built-in speakers is convincing, and it is clear with decent bass, a great addition at this price. The Hisense Smart TV does not give any false expression of modern or high-end tech that integrates the latest tech. It is an entry-level Smart TV, and you will receive everything according to the price, which is better than any other mid-range TV you could get.

Main Features

  • Smart Roku Interface
  • 120 motion rate to minimize lagging
  • Three language support
  • Higher pixel density


  • Slim design
  • Built-in compelling speakers
  • Appealing viewing angels
  • RF Antenna Input


  • Lack of Bluetooth


A smart TV will always be a part of our lives, promoting entertainment with fantastic display performance. The crazy flood of brands reduces the product quality while increases the price ranges. However, some products are still winning hearts with the compelling build quality and excellent built-in functions at reasonable prices.

This detailed review guide will help you explore some of the best 43 Inch TV under 300 that does not compromise quality and smart built-in features irrespective of the low price tag. It allows experiencing cinematic vibes with a massive screen at the comfort of your home. So, let’s give a shot at any of these best smart TVs that are ready to be a part of your home.

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