Best Air Compressor for Truck Tires – ( 2021 Buyer’s Guide )

Top rated Air Compressor for Truck Tires

The trucks are responsible for conveying loads of luggage from one place tobest air compressor for truck tires another. Tires play a vital role in any truck. The best air compressor for truck tires does the best job in keeping the tires of your truck better on a long journey.

These air compressors have the inflation pumps that keep the tires full of a decent amount of air pressure needed by your heavy vehicle.

We have selected 6 best air compressors for the truck. Just check that complete list.

Best Air Compressor Truck Tires 2020 Comparison Table

Product NameCustomer RatingWeight (LBS)Check Price
Viair Portable Compressor Kit96/10018.61 Check Price
Viair Portable Air Compressor96/1004.5 Check Price
GSPSCN Silver Inflator 94/1006.5 Check Price
Master Flow Tire Inflator94/10010 Check Price
TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator 94/1007.8 Check Price
EPAuto Portable Air Compressor 93/1003.7 Check Price

1) Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit Review - Best Budget Truck Tires Air Compressor

Quick Overview Of the Product

  • Brand :              VIAIR
  • Weight(Lbs.):  18.61
  • Dimensions (inch.) : 15.1*14.2*10
  • Voltage (V): 12

The automatic filling of the VIAIR tires makes it simple to fill the tires! While most portable air compressors must be off between filling the tire and checking the tire pressure, the compressors just work while the trigger on the filling firearm is squeezed. This certainly spares you the genuinely necessary time and makes the entire procedure of filling your tires look easy.

This best air compressor for truck tires accompanies a 30 foot (2) winding hose with an all-out length of 60 feet and need to be long enough for any motor, size or trailer at home.

The RV type tires are furnished with a 45-degree hurl and a 90-degree wrap on a structure, so access to the twofold back tires is simple as the internal valve stem is hard to reach. 

It additionally accompanies a service station style expansion gun with 160psi check.

Main Features

  • The typical portable compressor must be turned off between filling the tires, and you can generally check the tire pressure.
  • If you do not approach the compressor, it can turn to and fro to the best portable air compressor for truck tires to turn it on and off.
  • Automatic cell phones don’t work that way, sparing time and exertion when filling tires.
  • Although I would prefer not to contend against the acquisition of Viair compressors, I might want to cast the voice of reason. It isn’t new that Viair compressors are costly.
  • The compressor I’m searching for isn’t found precisely outside a German generation office.
  • Viair compressor is made legitimately in China.
  • Even though the compressor isn’t a trashed store by any means (it is perhaps the best compressor of its sort available), you can say this is the most exceptional finish of what you would anticipate from a Chinese item.
  • From all sides to the carrycot fit and completed, come up short.
  • Viair compressor exceeds expectations in a certain something.
  • Get off your towing vehicle and the RV tires.
  • In reality, not all things are extraordinary to accomplish something else.
  • If you go over a compressor following a sloppy day to re-blow up huge inflatable tires.

I unequivocally prescribe that you get your work done with Viair compressors before you pull the trigger. In a market where Viair had no challenge by any means, the best 12v air compressor for truck tires were sold for between $ 180 and $ 200.



2) Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor Review - Best Quality Truck Tires Air Compressor

Quick Overview Of the Product

  • Brand :                         VIAIR
  • Weight(Lbs.):             4.5
  • Dimensions (inch.) : 6.2*6.1*10
  • Voltage (V):                12

Viair 88P is also the best air compressor for heavy-duty trucks for intensifying 33-inch tires utilizing an immediate association with a battery with two association clasps. The tire pressure can be observed utilizing the manometer introduced at the highest point of the unit, by delaying the unit.

These 12V portable compressors can be utilized by any individual who possesses a vehicle! Since it is prescribed to check and keep up these tire presses each month, it is simple for you to do this without heading off to the administration stations.

We prescribe that you check and blow up the tires before you start driving for the afternoon, when the tires are cold, as the warmth will grow. I was intrigued by the structure and materials utilized in this compressor.

Viair 88P has the best truck tire inflator that helps to inflate the tires of the truck in no time.

Here you must read our hot selling guide to Best Air Compressor For Home Garage

Main Features

  • The pipe is heavier than anticipated and the metal fitting screw gives positive fixing the valve stem, forestalls spillage and disposes of the need to hold the hurl on the valve stem.
  • Crocodile cuts are assembled and give a strong electrical association.
  • The electric ropes are long enough to go from the traveler side battery to the compressor on the ground, alongside the driver’s side edge.

  • I needed to go a few books in the last 35 books. The primary cycle, from 22 lbs to 40 lbs off, endured just a single moment and 28 seconds. I unfastened the compressor and checked the pressure with a decent pressure measure.

  • The tire is using 38 psi. The best air compressor for truck tires has the paws and crocodiles were cold. The second round endured brief 29 seconds.

  • The main downside of the portable truck tire inflator is that the working/control marker is situated on the back of the unit and the inherent meter is at the top. I didn’t utilize this around evening time, yet I figure it is hard to use the counter without an electric lamp

Try not to allow them to little estimate or fantastically ease of this unit shield you from pondering it.



3) GSPSCN Silver Inflator Heavy Duty Double Review - Best Truck Tires Air Compressor Under $100

Quick Overview Of the Product

  • Brand :                        GSPSCN
  • Weight(Lbs.):             6.5
  • Dimensions (inch.) : 8.2*7.1*3
  • Voltage (V):               12

The compressor is just amazing. I didn’t understand that his correct end was intended to puncture legitimately on the inflatable tire nail. It fits appropriately, functions admirably.

Tire fill tests for well-working air tanks have discovered a broadly utilized turning around port for NPT 1/4 ‘establishments for all other air compressor extras. Everything works, except I needed to remember it inadvertently because there are no guidelines with the compressor.

Elastic feet are there to ensure that the pneumatic machine remains set up and doesn’t move during activity, you should make the air compressor more grounded to viably diminish vibration and commotion. 


At the point when associated with the battery, the power fitting will turn out to be warm following a couple of minutes.

The pump did what it should. I tried it on a pickup outline, 245 x 70 x 16, huge edge. It channels the air around 5 pounds and interfaces the compressor. 

It took around 23 minutes to arrive at 80 pounds, which isn’t that awful. You need to have pumped a ton of air. The air hose got hot on the compressor and boot, yet the compressor didn’t warm up.

I had a little issue with adornment and I spoke with the vendor through Amazon and it was fixed that day, which is incredible client assistance. 

The Pump of the best portable air compressor for off-road truck tires is very appropriate for verifying on cell phones and is little enough to fit on the back seats. 

Main Features

  • At the point when you turn on the Pump, the tire pressure rapidly ascends to 50-100 PSI, no air is permitted, and the screw ought to be expelled quickly and restarted.

  • To broaden the administration life of the tire filler, kindly don’t work longer than 20 minutes and abstain from harming the valves in the cigarette lighter because of unreasonable temperatures.
  • We prescribe to cool and labor for 5-10 minutes following 20 minutes of work.

  • The GSPSCN Dual Cylinder Air Compressor can expand your tires rapidly if tire spillage or tire pressure isn’t sufficient.
  • This Pump of the best air compressor for truck tires utilizes a top-notch direct-drive engine to drive a solid twin metal chamber. It fulfills most vehicle tires.

  • This Pump has an excellent cigarette lighter with an implicit 25-amp intertwine a 11.5-foot cigarette lighter link.

  • The tradable grasp is valuable. Extras incorporate a battery clasp and 3 connectors for bicycles, balls, billiards, athletic gear, and so on.

  • GSPSCN is an expert brand of air compressors and offers the best choice of air compressors and extras for the rough terrain, rough terrain, and mechanical markets.

  • The GSPSCN tire filling Pump is dependable and strong, with the goal that the correct tire pressure can be kept up and street security can be ensured.



4) Master Flow MF-1050 Tire Inflator Review - Best Truck Tires Air Compressor Under $200

Quick Overview Of the Product

  • Brand :                        Master Flow
  • Weight(Lbs.):             10
  • Dimensions (inch.) : 11.2*7.1*9.2
  • Voltage (V):               12

The MasterFlow MF-1050 keeps your tires appropriately pumped up, sparing you both time and cash. This ground-breaking and robust multifunctional air compressor. It is made for use on trucks, SUVs, SUVs and SUVs.

It is also reasonable for vehicle tires and inflatable family unit things. Masterflow makes the best air compressor for truck tires that have direct engines of the right size. Here you can also check our in depth researched guide to Best Air Compressor For Tires

Main Features

  • It takes around 5 minutes to take 31×10.5-15 casings from 15psi to 35psi. I can amazingly transmit tires with my bicycle and a major truck somewhere in the range of 60 and 80 seconds for each inch.
  • As referenced before, I have altered this compressor in various manners, as we have found in various surveys on different off-road sites.
  • I evacuated the hand-off and included a ten-ounce thick wire straightforwardly to the engine to try without the danger of consuming the wires for long haul use.
  • It also has the best onboard air compressor for the truck that is suitable for heavy vehicle
  • I likewise opened the top end and cleaned all the manufacturing plant oil from within and utilized excellent modern compressor oil to grease up it. It works better, cooler, smoother, and quicker when those couple of things are done, and I’m content with that.

I’m happy to purchase a subsequent one, which can likewise be introduced in my enormous truck. This is literally the best air compressor for truck tires. It’s an amazing worth, even before your changes. 

I introduced it for all time in my truck to air my tires in the wake of bringing down the PSI off the street.



5) TIREWELL 12V Tire Inflator-Heavy Duty Double Cylinders Review - Best Fast Work Truck Tires Air Compressor

Quick Overview Of the Product

  • Brand :                      Tirewell
  • Weight(Lbs.):            7.8
  • Dimensions (inch.) :11.2*7.1*9.2
  • Voltage (V):               12

The Tire Double Cylinder best portable 12v air compressor for truck tires can swell your tires rapidly if tire spillage or tire pressure isn’t sufficient.

This pump utilizes a good direct-drive engine to drive a solid metal twofold drum, so it is a low speed, high productivity pump that can give solid execution Meet most vehicle tires.

I cycled for 5 minutes, at that point killed around multiple times until it was cool. Everything looks decent and flawless.

Main Features

  • This pump has a quality cigarette lighter with worked in intertwine 15A, a cigarette lighter power rope 11.5 feet, a 1.8-foot hose.
  • A great screw that can be immovably associated with the tire spout strengthens the standard vehicle tire in a short time (195/65/R15, 0-35psi), the handle wrapped with a wipe is a preferred position.
  • It has a battery, 3 bicycle connectors, balls, billiards, athletic gear, and so on.
  • TIREWELL is an expert brand for air compressors. We offer the complete scope of air compressors and embellishments for the rough terrain, rough terrain, and modern markets.
  • With 20 years of assembling experience, the manufacturing plant utilizes 450 individuals and more than 30 structure engineers.
  • Tirewell is focused on furnishing our clients with execution, dependability, and worth. If you pick TIRE WELL, you need to pick traffic security.

The tire inflator is dependable and sturdy so that you can keep up the correct tire pressure and guarantee. We suggest that you turn over the motor during activity to build execution and broaden the life of the item. If you let the pump run, high tire pressure rapidly to 50-100PSI, the air is disallowed, the screw need to be promptly expelled and restarted.

How to utilize cigarette lighter?

  • Plug the power rope into the cigarette lighter.
  • Connect the screw connector to the tire valve and fix
  • Turn on the switch and start pumping.
  • When the tire pressure arrives at a preset worth (regularly 28-35 PSI, SUV 36-45 PSI), turn off the switch.

How to use Battery Clamp?

  • Red cut keeps the battery positive
  • Dark cut keeps the battery negative
  • Connect the battery clasp to the tire air blower control string
  • Connect the screw connector to the tire valve and fix
  • Turn on the switch and begin pumping up
  • When the tire pressure arrives at a preset worth (regularly 28-35 PSI, SUV 36-45 PSI), turn off the switch.


Punctures on autos, bikes, golf vehicles, SUVs, SUVs, vans, trucks, bikes and that’s only the tip of the iceberg (12 V vehicles in particular)



6) EPAuto 12V DC Portable Digital Tire Inflator Review - Top Rated Truck Tires Air Compressor

Quick Overview Of the Product

  • Brand :                        EP Auto
  • Weight(Lbs.):             3.7
  • Dimensions (inch.) : 13.2*8.1*5.2
  • Voltage (V):               12

This best air compressor for truck tires was a lot bigger than this size and was not about high. I am a major fan of staying away from corner stores to keep my tires expanded. Other than the probability of pumps, their adequacy is now and then shallow.

Presently, with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) today, you’ll get an update if you’ve been excessively long without checking and the absolute best time and accommodation to top off tires from an agreeable and marvelous vehicle outside your front entryway.

Main Features

  • This does all you need from a portable inflatable gadget: it’s quick, productive and calm.
  • My old inflator looked as though I was tearing my trail when I was utilizing it, perhaps it took work twice.
  • I have seen a few inquiries concerning conceivable missing air while separating the hose and it appears that the pump may work a little over the PSI promoted as insurance for this circumstance.
  • Automatic shut-off when it arrives at the pressure you determine is a tremendous aid.
  • I can stroll around the container or work inside the vehicle without having to continually screen the pump.
  • I can’t say much regarding the conveying case, it’s a ludicrous thing that is probably going to tear after some time, however that has neither rhyme nor reason when discussing execution and worth.
  • If I have any tearing whatsoever, doubtlessly I can’t close the light on the pump. It’s anything but a major issue from the viewpoint of intensity, yet only a type of fanatical habitual issue.
  • This is an extraordinary buy at an incredible cost.

Working Guidelines

  • Ensure the power switch is OFF and the motor is turned on.
  • Expel the residue top from the tire valve, at that point associate the air envelope to the tire valve stem, at that point attach it to the tire valve stem.
  • Attach the power line into the 12V cigarette lighter attachment.
  • Press the (M) catch to choose the showcase unit. (4 units accessible: PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM). Press (- ) or (+) catch to change the ideal pressure, at that point hold up until it quits blazing.
  • Turn on the power switch. The compressor will automatically stop filling once the ideal pressure is come to.
  • At the point when the ideal pressure is come to, turn off the power.

At the point when you disengage the valve connector, the tire valve will discharge air until the connector is totally separated. It is typical and can be acknowledged by setting the necessary psi esteem on the gadget.

For instance, when you set 32 psi, the machine will keep on pumping to 32.5 psi before it stops, which implies that the misfortune will happen when the valve connector is detached.




What size air compressor for truck tires is recommended?

 Size matters a lot. For an ideal estimate always use 1- 2 CFM to put 32 PSI pressure for the tire.

What size air compressor do I need to fill truck tires?

 Normally, 1-2 CFM size is considerable at 90 PSI pressure on the tires. Try this recommended size.

How much psi should I inflate my tires?

30- 35 PSI is enough for inflating the tires to a decent level.