QKK Mini Projector 6500 Lumens

QKK Mini Projector is a cheap projector for those who are on a budget with decent looks.

Main Features QKK Mini Projector 6500 Lumens

  • The Fast Mini Projector is amazingly compact with a size of just 9.5 x 9.3 x 4.2 inches. It is very travel-friendly and easy to carry. It weighs 3 pounds only.
  • It can be set up simply when it is taken out from the packaging, the included battery has to be installed and the unit enabled. You will need to enter the date after it has been enabled (to apply it to the metadata contained in photographs taken with it), and after it has been set you are ready to begin after putting in an SD card.
  • The QKK Mini Projector has 800x480 in native resolution. QKK is proud of its Mini Projectors' support for 1080P video in the Amazon products name. You cannot find the projector with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels even if you search into the content halfway through the Amazon page.


You should buy a QKK mini projector if the quality doesn't matter to you much and you want something cheap only then it is for you!

  • Overall compact design
  • Cheap price
  • Bad image quality.

VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

Vankyo leisure 3 is a lightweight and small projector that has a full HD display with 1080p resolution. It doesn't have a bright projection so if you want one for business conferences in bright daylight then it is surely not for you.

Main Features VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

  • The projector is sufficiently compact to carry on transport or you can take it with you wherever you travel. And in smaller areas such as crowded apartment rooms, it's lightweight enough to use. It provides an HD projection that can scale 32 cm or 170 cm.
  • Leisure 3 has integrated speakers but as their sound quality is not as efficient so the option is provided to connect the projector with the external speakers.
  • The contrast ratio i.e. 2000:1 looks fantastic in the half dim light. The suppression device technology is integrated to control the fan noise.

Verdict: The Leisure 3 is a respectable projector of a respected company, although it has a toy-like structure. It is an unbelievably useful solution, only intended on using it in a dark space and also doesn't demand the most complex adaptation.

  • A case has a lot of space to carry stuff
  • Lightweight and small
  • Quiet fan
  • Elegant design.
  • Not so ambient.
  • Built-in speakers are terrible.

FANGOR 230" Portable Movie Projector

Bluetooth Projector, Wi-Fi Projector, 1080P HD Projector by Fangor the brand, let's look into the features.

Main Features FANGOR 230 Portable Movie Projector

  • In the astonishing budget range, native HD projectors are not available, so a peek is worth it. According to the resolution of 1920x1.080 pixels, the video appears strong when mounted onto the ceiling to a length of up to 20 feet – based on how the projection system is positioned.
  • The images can be obtained from 60 to a wild 230-inch diagonal. Bear in mind that light falls away with time, therefore you should generally stick to 60 inch, 70 inch projections to get the best results.
  • This projector has USB, Wi-Fi, and HDMI, and a media card reader, as well as Bluetooth. It has integrated speakers too, so no need to connect it to the external speakers.


Fangor promises a full refund period of three months and a three-year free maintenance guarantee, which is worth it. Recommended!

  • Great performance
  • Good display and design
  • App support and compatibility
  • Affordable
  • Fan noise

BIGASUO Full HD Bluetooth Projector

The BIGASUO Projector ensures not only an excellent viewing experience, as well as many important functions at an affordable rate.

Main Features BIGASUO Projector

  • This guarantees the picture on the display is projected distinctly with solid, dynamic colors. Port-able projector with 720P native resolution (1280x720) & 3000:1 is the contrast ratio. The built-in stereo speaker delivers every nuance of sound effect in different scenes to allow you to experience pleasure sounds.
  • The projector can be used for installing ceilings and tripods. It has a regular M6 thread for this reason. USB 2.0 will only play & read U disc media files. Before switching it on, put the CD on the projector. After booting, it is read immediately.
  • The 100% service BIGASUO provides to a client. Without any chance, you can place our order. You should contact our experienced technical staff to assist if you face any operational problems or quality problems.

Verdict: This BIGASUO projector is highly recommended for people who want to have it for family entertainment sessions & playing video games. Tone from Dolby is not sponsored. This projector will work best in a dark environment.

  • Best for video games & home theatre
  • Works well in a dark environment.
  • USB flash drives are supported by a USB port.
  • Light fluctuates during operation

QKK Upgraded 7200Lumens Projector

A mini-sized 7200-lumen projector with every possible interface, simple to understand menus, and a remote at a very comfortable price, it is this QKK upgraded 7200lumens projector.

Main Features QKK Upgraded 7200Lumens Projector

  • QKK is a 120-inch fabric projection screen. It's bright enough to project in a room with sunshine coming from the window so it's a great indoor-outdoor projector, you can easily have your business meetings or your family late night or evening movie scenes through it. The ability to tilt the screen is super useful though!
  • QKK home theater projector has a resolution of 1920*1080 having a long lamp life of 50,000 hours with a contrast ratio of 2000:1. Using the projector showing extremely sharp pictures, you need not think about picture sharpness. Moreover, the five-layer Screen lets you view movies or any other services without tiredness for hours. That is because the monitor absorbs diffuse, eye protecting LED light. It also features a removable tripod for easier mounting and displaying photographs on surfaces.
  • This mini-proof is the real essence of a multifunctional interface as far as its compatibility is concerned. It has PCs, laptops, chrome books, TV box, media players, USB Flash Drive, and more, complete with an SD card, VGA, HD ports, and HDMI.

Verdict: Perfect support for movie nights, festivals, and tournaments. The unit often projections direct pictures at a distance of five meters, which makes it an ideal outdoor projector for activities. A must buy projector.

  • Easy to set up
  • Amazing video quality
  • Easy to plug into any HDMI output including phones and casting devices.
  • Loud built-in speakers
  • Remote doesn't have a back button