Can I Use an Air Compressor to Fill My Tires

Can I use an air compressor to fill my tires? Yes, you can. It is one of the most common applications in the world for which air compressors are used. It is very much important to maintain the air pressure in tires because low-pressure or flat tires can damage their quality. An easy way to overcome this problem is that you can carry a small air compressor in the back of your car or in the trunk to avoid such situations.

The main problem here is not the availability of an air compressor but how to fill the tires with an air compressor. You will find several methods of using air compressors to fill tires on the internet but that is too difficult and complicated to understand. So to help you in your hard times, we present you with a simple and easy guide that will help you fill your tires with an air compressor easily and quickly. You can conveniently follow our detailed and step-by-step guide to fill your tires in a matter of time.

Can I Use an Air Compressor to Fill My Tires – Methods

To fill your tires with an air compressor you need to take some things into consideration that are important for the procedure. You must follow all the steps carefully so your tires do not get damaged or go to waste due to a slight mistake. You need to make sure of all the things that are needed to fill the tire such as:

  • Regulator
  • Pressure gauge
  • Air connector
  • Tire chuck

Step # 1: 

The first step is very simple and is basically a precautionary measure before filling up the tire. You need to let the tires cool down before filling them up. It is a good thing to avoid hot tires as they can cause trouble. Then you need to check the pressure in the tire to see how much more is needed.

Step # 2: 

The second step of this procedure is to take the hose from the air compressor and connect it to the regulator and then attach it to the tire with the help of a tire chuck. The tire chuck makes it possible for the air to flow from an air compressor to the tires. Also, a regulator is added to the procedure for more safety and precaution. You need to set a limit of pressure on the regulator to fill the tire. The regulator is an important part so the tire does not get burst with the extra pressure or stress. It lets you see the pressure when it is filled so you can remove the hose.

Step # 3:

 The next thing you have to do after setting the regulator is to plug the air compressor in an electric switch to provide power and start filling up the tire. Make sure that your keep checking the regulator and pressure gauge for the pressure. The pressure gauge is used to tell how much pressure is built so you need to have an eye on it so it does not exceed the required limit. Continue filling up the tires with the air compressor.

Step # 4: 

The second last step of the procedure is that when the tire is getting filled up, you will listen to a light sound of filling. You can press the hose of the air compressor down to minimize the sound. You will know when to stop filling the air with the help of a pressure gauge. When it reaches the limit that you set on the regulator then stop the procedure and your tires are successfully filled.

Step # 5:

For the next and last step of the procedure, you need to stop the air compressor and remove the hose from the tires when it is filled and the pressure is also good. Also, unplug the air compressor if you do not need it anymore. Then seal the tire and everything that needs to be turned off or closed by putting the stem cap in the hole.

Things to Consider

  • Different vehicles come with different air pressure in tires so you need to make sure that you are using the correct air pressure for filling up a different variety of tires.
  • The average pressure of a car is 32 PSI to 35 PSI whereas you will find that trucks come with a pressure level of up to 100 PSI.
  • The use of a regulator and pressure gauge is very important as they help you protect yourself from an unfortunate incident that might happen from extra pressure.
  • The air compressor needs electricity to work so you need to be careful while working in the garage. Also, do not leave the plugged air compressor unattended because it may cause an accident or any mishap.


As we reached the end of our informational guide on the topic “Can I use an air compressor to fill my tires?” we hope that it was beneficial for you and helped you solve this problem. We hope that you must have read the whole article as you read the conclusion and understood everything that we explained so far. It may seem difficult at first but once you get to start filling tires with an air compressor, you will learn that it is very easy and simple.

We recommend you to take precautions first as you are using electricity to complete this task because it is better this way than regretting later. We also suggest you practice this before doing this task carefree. No doubt, it is a very simple task but you need to learn everything if it is your first time. We hope that you would take into notice what we recommended and suggested to you. Have an easy day at work!

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