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  • Best 4K 85 inch Smart LED TV –  Sony 4K Ultra HD at Amazon
  • “  This is the best selling 85 inch Tv for big rooms and lounges. If you want to set a home theatre then look no further and go for it”
  • Premium Quality QLED 85 inch TV- Samsung QLED Q90T Series At Amazon
  • “This is an ultimate beast that we bet you never have experienced before. If you want to set up a home theatre then look no further and go for it. The picture quality and sound quality is unmatchable and unbeatable. This is overall all best selling tv in range of 85 inch tv’s available in market”
  • Most Economical Under 2000- Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV at Amazon
  • “ This is overall a good pick if you are looking for 4k 85 inch Tv with latest technologies like smart TV and Ultra High Definition features.”

Do you have a large seating area? If the answer is yes, then a large TV looks aesthetic in your house. If you look towards buying the largest TV available in the market, then I am sure you will get confused while choosing one from all. After all, the options available would make you muddled among them.

If you try out finding a TV in the category of 70-75-77, then you will be able to explore more options. But, as you move towards the category of 80+ inch TVs, then the numbers of options are reduced. To resolve your confusion, we are here with a list of best 85 inch TV.

We are going to go through the best killer screens in the market from Samsung and Sony. The list contains TVs among all the price ranges from cheap ones to costly ones.

We have done extensive research and surveyed several TVs of 85 inch before we got along with this review. We have considered all the essential factors like price, technology, features, and most importantly the customer reviews. We are creating this guide for the customers due to which we must consider all the possible customer reviews before making a list.

Let us have a look at some of the best budget 85 inch TV in the market.

1) Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV – Ultimate Realism With 4K Reality

Sony XBR85X950G X950G 85 Inch TV

Quick Product Overview

  • Dimensions – 9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
  • Weight – 108 pounds
  • Price – under 3000

The technology has become more intelligent than the light levels are changed dynamically based on the content of the screen. It results into changes occurring in brightness and contrast. Sony has come up with the X1 Ultimate Processor that upscales your picture to 4K HDR quality.

Here you are looking at reality with enhanced technology. There is so much to get amazed when you check out the Sony Smart LED TV.

If you are looking for an ideal 85 inch TV under 3000, then there is no better choice than the Sony Smart LED TV.

Key Features

  • Get an experience of incredible detailing, clarity and brightness due to the 4K UHD resolution.
  • You can enjoy all the realistic colours while sitting anywhere in the room.
  • Get a chance to explore every detail with vibrant colours and ultimate realism.
  • Smart home management and content streaming are possible even by connecting your iPhone and other Siri devices.
  • Sony TV is compatible with Alexa due to which you can control all the features with your voice through an Alexa enabled device.
  • You can utilize Alexa to see the smart cameras in your house.
• Display resolution is 4K HDR
• X1 Ultimate Processor – the best of Sony
• Dolby Vision
• Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
• X-Motion Clarity
• There is no HMDI 2.1 port for connection.
• The screen is not anti-glare.

2. Samsung 4K UHD HDR Smart TV – Elegance At Its Best In Cheap 85 inch TV

SAMSUNG 85-inch Class Crystal TV

Quick Product Overview

  • Dimensions – 15.4 x 74.6 x 46.7 inches
  • Weight – 124.6 pounds
  • Price – under 2000

If you are looking for a TV with a sleek and elegant design, then Samsung TV holds a great position in the list. Its minimalistic design will draw you into the screen from whatever angle you look from. The pictures are crisp and clear with 4X better resolution than HD.

 HDR will run you through every detail and every single colour in the best way possible. A one of a kind thing about the Samsung TV is its Auto Game Mode that will enhance the screen to limit the slack, and give you smooth gaming experience.

Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV is the ideal 85 inch TV under 2000 that one should always checkout.

Key Features

  • The ultra-fast Crystal Processor of the Samsung TV converts everything that you look at into astonishing 4K quality.
  • The Smart TV possesses Multi-Voice compatibility with Alexa and Bixby.
  • Your TV watching experience gets elevated with the Smart TV features that are easy-to-control, enhanced with next-gen apps, and much more.
  • The Crystal Display delivers naturally crisp colours that have been tuned to deliver a vivid picture.
  • You can ask Alexa to do anything with Voice-control feature. The TV will update you with whatever your voice asks it.
  • Auto Game Mode gives you smooth gaming experience with no movement obscure or slack by streamlining the screen.
• 4K AI Upscaling
• Crystal Processor 4K
• Multiple Voice Assistants
• One Remote to control everything
• Universal Guide to provide a list of curated content from streaming channels
• Auto Game Mode for a smooth gaming experience
• The screen is not favourable for daytime due to glare.
• There are permanent advertisements when you hit the home button.
• The remote does not have a backlight.

3. Samsung QLED Q90T Series – Premium Pick Under 5000

SAMSUNG 85-inch Class QLED Q90T Series

Quick Product Overview

  • Dimensions – 14.4 x 74.5 x 46.2 inches
  • Weight – 171.1 pounds
  • Price – under 5000

If you want to go with the perfect 85 inch TV with all the premium features, then there is no better option than Samsung QLED TV.  You cannot get better 4K QLED than this. When you are watching the picture on the TV, you will gain experience of striking contrast and razor-sharp clarity.

Samsung QLED possesses a powerful Quantum Processor that upscales everything to 4K quality. No matter where you are sitting in the room, but you will be able to get crisp and clear picture quality with Ultra Viewing Angle.

Samsung QLED Q90T Series is a premium 85 inches TV under 5000, and it is definitely worth the price that you are paying.

Key Features

  • The TV contains extra lighting zones behind the screen to give a fresh picture by characterizing the blacks and whites in the image.
  • Ultra Viewing Angle diminishes glare and improves shading to give a lively picture regardless of your angle with the TV.
  • The TV has object tracking sound with two built-in speakers at the top and two at the bottom of the TV.
  • Whatever you watch in Samsung QLED is converted into astounding 4K quality due to the Quantum Processor that makes use of deep learning AI.
  • It is compatible with Alexa, due to which you can use your voice to perform many functions like changing channels, controlling smart home devices, getting updates, and much more.
  • Get an experience of enhanced gaming with the Real Game Enhancer+ feature for extra motion-clarity to reduce blur effects in fast-moving scenes.
• Ultra Viewing Angle to reduce glare
• Objective tracking sound with two speakers each at top and bottom
• OneRemote for complete control
• Multi-View to split your screen and stream two contents
• Sleek and Elegant Design
• It is a bit expensive, but worth the price.
• The Q90T series does not have the one connect box.

4. Samsung HDR Smart QLED TV – Enticing Ambience in Economical 85 inch TV

Samsung Q70 Series 55-Inch Smart TV

Quick Product Overview

  • Dimensions – 15.2 x 74.8 x 46.7 inches
  • Weight – 106 pounds
  • Price – under 3000

When the blacks and whites are gorgeous and radiant, then the picture quality gets enhanced, and you will notice this in Samsung Smart QLED TV. The 4K processor optimizes and upscales every scene.

A fascinating feature is an Ambient Mode that will complement your space by turning the blank screen into eye-catching visuals. Get amazed with the astounding clarity to view every inch of the picture vividly.

Samsung HDR Smart QLED TV is the ideal 85 inch TV under 3000, and there are several features to back it up at this price.

Key Features

  • You will get the best 4K TV experience as the Quantum Dots provides 100% colour volume with more than one billion shades of vivid colours.
  • There is Direct Full Array Backlight with precision-controlled LEDs to adjust the contrasts between ultra deep-darks and pure whites.
  • Quantum HDR provides a high dynamic range that is powered with HDR10+ to deliver the darkest to lightest colours on the big screen.
  • Samsung HDR TV is compatible with Bixby voice commands along with Google Assistant and Alexa compatibility to control all the smart devices and appliances in the house.
  • Even when the TV is OFF, the Ambient Mode of TV will complement your place with its enticing visuals.
  • Real Game Enhancer prevents stuttering and tearing of picture while gaming to provide smooth and lifelike visual experience.
• Astounding Clarity that enhances the contrast between whites and blacks
• Quantum Processor upscales content to 4K
• Quantum HDR illuminates and astounds cinematic clarity
• Ambient Mode makes the QLED blend with your home décor
• Real Game Enhancer for a smooth and lifelike gaming experience
• One Connect Box is not compatible
• You need an Alexa enabled device to use voice commands with Alexa.

5. Sony 4K Ultra LED TV – Best Selling 85 Inch TV Under 2500

Sony X800H 85-inch TV

Quick Product Overview

  • Dimensions – 80.19 x 10.19 x 48.56 inches
  • Weight – 43 pounds
  • Price – under 2500

Sony has improved on its processor with the 4K HDR Processor X1 and 4K X-Reality PRO to upscale every picture to 4K. You will feel like stepping in a new world when you receive such high-quality features in this range.

The Triluminos Display brings you all the colours of the world. You won’t miss a single detail while looking at the dazzling picture and colours with Dolby Vision and HDR. “If you can say it, then you can see it” – Has become possible with its voice commands.

Sony has come up with all the essential features to provide the customers with ideal 85 inch TV under 2500.

Key Features

  • 4K HDR Processor X1 allows you to have a look at premium 4K pictures that are rich in texture and filled with real-world details.
  • 4K X-Reality PRO upscales everything that you watch to near 4K.
  • The Triluminos Display enhances the vivacity of colours and gradation.
  • The Smart Android TV is enabled with Google Assistant so that you can control your TV and other smart home devices with your voice.
  • It is compatible with Alexa if you use an Alexa enabled device to stream music, camera feeds and control everything with your voice.
  • Sony TV allows you to integrate your iPhone and Siri devices to stream content and manage channels.
  • Due to Motionflow XR, the content appears in lifelike motion with no blur even in fast scenes.
• 4K HDR Processor X1 for experiencing premium pictures
• Triluminos Display for enhanced colours
• Smart Android TV enabled with Google Assistant
• Compatible with Alexa and Siri devices
• Motionflow XR to reduce blur content even in fast scenes
• You cannot use a universal stand for this TV
• Issues of the picture being dark or stuttering

6. Sony 4K Ultra HDR– Slim And Elegant 85 inch TV

Sony X950H 85 Inch TV

Quick Product Overview

  • Dimensions – 81.5 x 14.25 x 48.31 inches
  • Weight – 108 pounds
  • Price – under 4000

Let the vibrancy of colours flow in your life with the dramatic contrast of Sony 4K Ultra HDR TV. Enjoy realism with the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate that transforms everything you watch in near 4K. You get the liberty to control whatever you wish to watch with your voice by using Google Assistant

The X-Motion Clarity Technology enhances the on-screen motion and action to appear better. Enjoy the benefit of a satisfying picture from every angle with the X-Wide Angle.

Enjoy watching HDR video content and Ultra-high resolution with an ideal 85 inch TV under 4000.

Key Features

  • The Picture Processor X1 Ultimate brings astounding realism, clarity, contrast, and colours to your content.
  • The Full-Array LED enhances brightness, details the dark scenes, and provides incredible contrast due to the X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 6x.
  • The Smart Android TV comes with Google Assistant that enables you to control your TV and all the other smart devices in your home with your voice.
  • Sony TV is compatible with Alexa that can be used to launch apps, engage with volume controls, and perform several other functions with your voice.
  • X-Motion Clarity Technology provides bright and clear on-screen motion and action.
  • Sony’s innovative Ambient Optimization Technology that will adjust your sound and picture as per the surrounding environment.
  • There are several modes like Dolby Vision, Netflix Calibrated Mode, and IMAX Enhanced that offers dazzling details and colours.
• X1 Ultimate Picture Processor which is the best of Sony
• X-Motion Clarity Technology for bright and clear on-screen action
• Compatible with Alexa and Siri devices
• X-Wide Angle satisfies and preserves brightness and colour from every angle
• Sony’s unique Ambient Optimization technology
• This model does not support HDMI 2.1
• Remote is of cheap plastic quality.

7. Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV– Stunning 4K TV With Impressive Picture Quality

Sony XBR85X900F 85-Inch 4K Ultra TV

Quick Product Overview

  • Dimensions – 81.00 x 14.75 x 49.25 inches
  • Weight – 106.2 pounds
  • Price – under 2500

The 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme provides ultra-detailed pictures that give you realistic feeling while watching. Whatever you sit for viewing on the TV, it gets transformed to near 4K HDR quality.

The Processor displays six times better contrast than the conventional LED TVs. Every scene that you watch gets brighter and more precise due to the X-Motion Clarity Technology, and there are no issues of fast scenes getting blurred.

Get an astounding and eye-catching picture quality in high definition with this ideal 85 inch TV under 2500.

Key Features

  • The picture quality is beyond high definition to offer 4K HDTV picture clarity with HDR detailing and colours.
  • The 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme provides you wide range of brightness and clarity along with controlled contrast.
  • Sony TV is compatible with Alexa, where you can use your voice to launch applications, play music, and perform other tasks.
  • The TV is compatible with Google Home and Alexa so that you can voice to give commands.
  • The X-Motion Clarity Technology makes all the fast scenes appear with enhanced brightness and clarity to minimize blur.
  • A perfect partner for Sony PlayStation 4 is Sony TV that elevates your gaming experience with intensely vibrant colours and vivid textures.
• Best gaming experience with deep, bright colours and brightness
• Several apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. are ready to use
• Accessibility to Play Store
• Advanced technology like X-Motion Clarity, X-tended Dynamic Range PRO 6x, HDR
• Gaming, Dolby Vision & IMAX Enhanced, etc. to get vivid clarity and brightness in every scene
• Smart Cast feature
• Beyond High Definition Picture Quality with 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme
• The design of the remote is awkward
• The stand that comes with the TV does not look stylish with Sony TV.

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