Difference between Pressure Cooker and Pressure Canner

Both pressure cooker and pressure canner come along with different working mechanisms and applications. If you do not know or are unable to understand the difference between them completely then it may cause you some troubles or problems while working. It is important to learn all the factors and things that make a pressure cooker different from a pressure canner so you can cook your food with perfection and safety.

You might be getting confused now that these differences between a pressure cooker and pressure will be difficult to understand but you do not have to worry because we researched every bit of both the appliances and penned it down in a very simple and easy way so it is convenient for you to understand and you can use the pressure cooker and pressure canner accordingly.

Pressure cooker

The pressure cooker is defined as a cooking appliance that is used to cook food with the help of steam that is produced in the pot-like shape of the pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is made airtight so the food can be flavorful and perfectly cooked. You can easily find many pressure cookers manufactured by different brands on the internet and in the market.

Pressure canner

The basic meaning of the term pressure canner is that it is a kitchen appliance or utensil that is helpful when you need to can any food for later use. The whole purpose of the pressure cooker is to cook, sterilize, and preserve food in the form of cans. Mostly beans, sauces, fruits, and vegetables are preserved to store for later use.

What is the difference between pressure cooker and pressure canner?

As we got the basic idea of what is the meaning of a pressure cooker and a pressure canner, and how they work. Let’s dive into some more depth to find out what can be the possible differences between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner.


The first difference that we have in the list is the appearance of both appliances that we are discussing in this article. Both pressure cookers and pressure canners have multiple types and styles but they have a huge difference in appearance. As you must have seen while looking for a pressure cooker or pressure canner, pressure canners are more of a standardized style where pressure cookers can also be used for small purposes like a saucepan, etc.

The pressure cooker comes in a style of stove-top or a pot shape which can be electric powered or can work on fire. Whereas you will find that the pressure canner also has a pot-like shape but it comes with a pressure gauge attached on the top side to check the required pressure in the pressure canner.

One more difference between them is that pressure canners come with locks on the sides so that pressurized air can be trapped inside. But the pressure cooker does not have any locks and only comes with a top handle. You can find different sizes of pressure cookers and pressure canners in every mechanism with multiple options.


The second difference that we can notice between a pressure cooker and a pressure canner is how it works and the different places where it is used. As we described above in the general meaning of the erm that pressure cooker is used to cook food faster and flavorful whereas you use a pressure canner if something needs to be sterilized and canned for later use like canned beef, canned beans, canned fruits that are easily available in the market.


As both the appliances are different from each other, their way of working is also different. To cook in a pressure cooker, you do not have to wrap your food or set a pressure that needs to be maintained. Instead of this you just need to put food in the pressure cooker with all the other ingredients and have to wait for it to cook.

But if you look at the working mechanism of the pressure canner, you will see that you have to wrap the food or have to put them into a vessel jar so it can be processed. Also, it comes with a pressure gauge that you need to monitor the pressure inside of the appliance.


The next and the last step that we are going to discuss is the time taken by both the appliances to work. You will note that the pressure cooker requires less time as compared to the pressure canner. If you want to get your work done quickly then you surely need to choose the pressure cooker but if you want to process your food slowly so that it can be sterilized and preserved that there is no better option than a pressure canner. If you are using a pressure canner then we need you to know that it requires a lot of safety measures and precautions so you need to make sure about safety while using it.


Pressure cookers and pressure canners have their advantages and use that create a difference between them. If you use them properly, you can have an effective and efficient experience with them. We recommend you to use and handle both the appliances with proper and full care so you can avoid any accidents or mishaps. If you are considering buying one or both the appliances then you can find a lot of options on the internet or in the market.

For the conclusion of our article, “What is the difference between pressure cooker and pressure canner?” We hoped that it was up to your mark. To summarize everything, we learned the basic meaning of both pressure cooker and pressure canner. We also discussed differentiating factors like appearance, use, and time.

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