If you own a pickup truck or planning to have one, no doubt a pickup truck is a good investment to make. However, there are certain things which you should keep in mind when using a pickup truck for transporting the goods.

No matter if you already have a pickup truck or you will have soon, you must have heard about the problems it brings with it when you are on the road.

The pickup owners know that the challenge they face is the transport of the cargo in its original form and shape. Providing security and protection to the load is what matters the most.

When we talk about protection, what do you think the material in the truck bed needs protection from? Let’s suppose you are carrying the goods in your truck bed, the goods are exposed to air, and suddenly the rain starts, what will you do?

You have to find some shelter, and you cannot move further until the rain stops. What if you don’t see any shade at that time, it may ruins the goods in the truck bed, which will negatively affect you.

The rain is not the only problem we can face on the road while carrying the materials in the truck bed. Other severe weather conditions such as snow or thunderstorms can also come at any time.

Suppose you have got something to protect the cargo from adverse weather conditions, but what if the road on which you are traveling is damaged and unstable. Due to this, the loads you are carrying will get unbalanced and can get cracked or broken, which is also a significant loss for you.

You see how important it is to give protection to your shipment. Similarly, security is as vital as giving protection to the cargo.

You don’t want to have multiple products for protection, security, and providing stability. There should be one product that does all these tasks entirely, i.e., gives safety, protection, and greater immovability.

There is nothing to worry about now; we have got you covered. Here we are going to provide you with a detailed review of that product, which perfectly does all these tasks.

Before moving ahead, let me introduced you to that product, and that is none other than Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | GC14002.

It may come as a surprise to you that how a truck bed tonneau cover can solve all these issues. Well, for that, let’s dig more into it, and see its detail specifications and design.


  • Brand: Gator covers
  • Style: Hard Tri-Fold
  • Size: 5′ Bed
  • Item Weight: 55 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 69.8 x 5.8 inches
  • Easy access to the bed
  • Stake pocket included
  • Enhanced truck bed protection
  • Premium quality materials are used
  • Three-year warranty


A tonneau cover is essential if you plan to carry the cargo in the truck bed. Not only it provides security, protection, and stability, plus it makes your ride look more impressive.

Finding the right product which perfectly fits in your vehicle is a challenging task and requires a lot of time and energy. As you are here, you don’t need to worry about anything at all. Here we are giving you a detailed review of one of the best truck bed tonneau cover.

Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is the top-rated tonneau cover and perfectly fits in the vehicle for which it is designed for. It is recommended for you due to its unique features, structural strength, design, and folding style.

Moreover, Gator covers is an established brand with years of experience, all of their products are reliable, durable, efficient, and are designed in a way that you don’t have to face any difficulty in securely transporting the goods in your truck bed.

Design and Features:

Tonneau covers are used when you want to transfer goods from one place to another; tonneau cover keeps the products safe and secure from the outside environment, be it rain, thunderstorms, or harmful UV rays. Besides, it also provides security and stability.

Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover has all the characteristic and features which make it the top-rated product of this brand.

Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold is made of heavy-duty aluminum panels that automatically lock when closed. The panels are powder-coated aluminum, and the clamps are stainless steel, which together makes your truck bed scratch-resistant, UV-protective and dustproof in all climates.

Unlike other tonneau covers, Gator EFX has an integrated advanced water management system having rubber seals on borders, side rails, and drain tubes to carry the water out of your truck bed. Plus, it also does not let rain, snow, and dirt comes inside the truck bed, keeping the cargo safe.

Gator EFX Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover sits tight to the inside of the truck bed rails and seals the truck bed completely, along with this, the tri-fold cover design gives it an attractive look and gives protection from weather conditions and exposure.

Once you have this cover, you can set it up at your own in a few minutes; the hard folding cover features a clamp-on rail system that doesn’t require drilling or any special tools. An installation guide is also given in case you are not familiar with the parts.

Gator covers have a wide variety of truck bed tonneau covers available. However, it is important to know that Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | GC14002 is compatible with 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon 5′ Bed. The other thing you should know that this tonneau cover comes with a three-year warranty.

So if your vehicle is compatible with this Gator cover, you should order it immediately as you will not find a better tonneau cover than this one.

  • Protects from all harsh environmental conditions
  • Integrated water management system
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Tear-resistant, dustproof UV-protected material is used
  • Fit well and look’s great
  • Durable, reliable and efficient
  • May be expensive for some users

If you are looking for a truck bed tonneau cover and you have read this article till the end, you will surely be going to order this Gator cover as it has all the features and characteristics which make it the best fit product for you. As always, the final decision will be yours, and we know that you will make a good choice.

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