How do I get Alexa to Recognize my Smart Plug

You might have ever thought about a house where everything like devices and appliances can run with just only a voice command of yours or have you ever given it a thought to convert your ordinary home into a smart home. Well, the best thing to do to make your dream true is smart plugs. Now, you might be wondering what is a smart plug and how is it possible to switch your ordinary house into a smart home with the use of some plugs.

There is no need for you to worry about anything since we are here to make all of these things work for you as we did research on every factor and penned down all the things in a very easy and simple manner in our guide “How do I get Alexa to recognize my smart plug” so that all your concerns and confusions can disappear. This guide will tell you the method of connecting a smart plug to Alexa step by step so the method is easy for you to follow and finish your connecting task.

Smart plug

Let’s see what is the general meaning of the term smart plug. A smart plug is defined as a power-point adapter that connects between your appliance that you want to turn into a smart device from one side and the other side is attached to the power socket for current so that the appliance can be turned on and off with voice or your smart device.

If you use it on a simple home appliance or device then it will only automate the device to turn the device on and off with voice command. But if you connect the smart plug to a smart device then it can fully be controlled with your voice to give different commands.

If you are planning to buy one then you can easily find it on the internet from different manufacturing brands. Smart plugs are a great advantage for your smart home because it comes along with many benefits starting from controlling devices with voice command to saving energy and money on your bills. You can also use your smart device to perform the operations.

Method: How do I get Alexa to recognize my smart plug?

Step # 1:

The first step in this guide is to plug your smart plug into an outlet or a switch so the electricity can power the appliance or device to run. You need to make sure that you are following all the precautions that you need to do while using electricity and switches.

Step # 2:

The next step is to find a compatible application for the smart plug from the app store or play store. You need to be sure that the application you are downloading is legit and works perfectly with your devices and smart plug.

Step # 3:

After successfully downloading the application from the app store or play store, you need to set up the device on the phone in your application. Most applications require you to make an account on their app to sign in and use it. You have to set up the application. They might want you to enter your details like email, name, password, and other details. Now, you need to set Alexa and connect it to the smart plug.

Step # 4:

To set the smart plugin Alexa app, launch the application of Alexa and open the menu in the app. You can open the menu by clicking three lines on the top. Under the menu, you will find a tab with name skills and games. You need to open that tab to set everything. Search smart plug in the tab with the help of a search bar and open it.

Step # 5:

After you have found and open the smart plug from the menu tab. You have to enable the smart life option to set your devices and applications. You will have to follow further steps in the app to proceed further. The Alexa app will guide you to set up your device. You need to make sure that you follow all the guidelines and steps that the app is showing you so you can connect your smart plug with Alexa.

Step # 6:

The next and last step of the procedure is that after following and completing all the steps shown by the application, you will see a notification your device has been set up and ready to work. Click on the Done button to close the pop-up. Now you just need to use your voice commands or smart mobile like iPhone or Android to control all the devices that you have attached with smart plugs.


You might have get excited till now by reading about these smart plugs, how effective they are and how easy it is to set them up. We want to tell you that you can use these smart plugs for a slow cooker, lights, fans, air conditioners, electric heaters, kitchen appliances like coffee maker, oven, and many more. It is very simple to use as you just have to give a command like “turn the lights off” and it will do it for you without having you get up from your place.

We hope that everything must be cleared to you as crystal water and solve all your problems. The time has come that we conclude our article on “How do I get Alexa to recognize my smart plug?” so that you can go apply the steps that we described and turn your home into a magical home with smart appliances at a much more reasonable and affordable price than the actual price range.

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