How to Connect Xbox to Monitor without HDMI

One of the frequent problems that issue with many gamers is, they can’t find out the way to connect their Xbox to a monitor without an HDMI port.

Since many monitors lack an HDMI port, mostly the old ones do not come up with this port.

And if you are on this page, then most likely this could be the case with your monitor. As significantly, the Xbox One or Xbox requires that port to get connected with a screen device; either a TV or a Monitor.

As mentioned, not all of the monitors have this specific port, and this is where things get problematic.

But luckily, there is a way to do that.

By using an adapter that converts VGA to HDMI or DVI to HDMI, you can convert a monitor’s port into HDMI. These adapters give the same output as an HDMI port could. So with these adapters, you can begin gaming on your monitor that has no HDMI port.

You can buy these sorts of adapters online on eBay, Amazon at cheap pricing under ten bucks.

Here is how to connect Xbox to Monitor without an HDMI port.

Step. 1 Purchase a VGA To HDMI convertor

Purchase a VGA To HDMI convertor

Depending upon your monitor’s ports, you either choose a VGA to HDMI or DVI to HDMI converter. However, most often, monitors have these bot ports in the backside.

There is not much to talk about the quality standards. Make sure you buy a working one.

Step.2 Join the Adapter into VGA

Join the Adapter into VGA

First thing first, turn off your monitor for a while until you Plug your regular chord input into the monitor as you usually do, and the second end to the adapter. Once the adapter has been connecter, turn your monitor on and move on to the next step.

Even for a beginner, this step is too easy to get done.

Step.3 Plug the second end to XBOX HDMI

Plug the second end to XBOX HDMI

Place the second end of the adapter and plug this into the HDMI input port of your Xbox. Suppose you don’t see names on the ports for some strange reason. At that moment, there is not to worry about bad happen. Use any of the holes to plug the chord and see if this works or not. And do this for all the holes where the cable can be fit.

And this point, you’ve things all set up. After switching on your monitor, there should be an Xbox device running on the display in a few seconds. Start playing your favorite games.

For some reason, if this setup didn’t work yet, then some display changes might get rid of this situation.

Step. 4 Change the Resolution

Change the Resolution

After setting up wires, the Monitor may not catch the Xbox, and there could be many reasons out of the box that we don’t want to discuss here. However, most of the time, it happens due to the resolution.

Set the resolution to as minimum as possible so that your Xbox can fit the screen.

If you’re still having this same problem over and over, then you might check out the technical issues with your monitor’s port, or it could be your adapter causing errors up. So make sure the cables are working fine, and you’ve chosen the right cables as well.

In my case, the settings worked fine. I only needed an adapter to connect my monitor to set up things after finishing them up. I did change the resolution as my monitor and Xbox have no support for resolution more than 1080px because they’re quite old.

I’ve minimized it, and things became working fine.

Optional Setup

If your monitor already has an HDMI port, then you don’t need to add the adapter to establish the network.

An HDMI cord will work. Simply put the plug into your monitor and your Xbox. You will find yourself in gaming without any further setups only if the resolution does not become a problem to get through.

However, for a better gaming touch with your monitor, you should add sound to it. In general, most of the monitors do not come up with speakers in-built, neither do the Xbox.

Adding speakers

If you’ve any speaker with a 3.5mm jack, which is the regular jack, the normal headphones come up with. Use them to get the sounds coming out of them, and you will really need these speakers only if your monitor is not up-to-date. And there are hardly any chances that a monitor has speakers if, for some reason, they have speakers. Then, I’m pretty sure the sound will not entertain you.

In my setup, I have used my Logitech speakers that I purchased a year ago for 30$. They don’t sound quite well, but as far, I believe something is better than nothing.

Setting up the speakers with a monitor is too straightforward. And luckily, the adapter I’ve used above to connect my Xbox to my monitor lacks an HDMI port. The adapter has an extra port to plug a headphone/speaker jack as well.

Adding speakers

Plug the speaker’s jack into the port and USB cable into the monitor’s USB input. In case your monitor does not have a USB port as well, you can use a power supply to run the speakers. A power bank is a good alternative, though.

Is it a good idea to use your Monitor for xbox?

Technically yes, the monitors are supposed to deliver higher performance and a good frame rate which is good for gaming. Even an average monitor has a better performance than an alternative TV with the same specifics. Only downsides with old monitors that you must pay attention to before turning them into a gaming console.

They drain too much power supply, as a rule, the older the monitor you have the more it will drain the electricity, and feels heavy on your pocket. Moreover, while gaming too long on them, they often get overheated which will also impact the gaming performance. However, new monitors have covered these drawbacks pretty well. That’s said, the latest monitors have been made for gaming in mind, the stunning graphics are the proof for my words.

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