How to Put Air in Semi Truck Tires

Semi-trucks are a combination of tractors and trailers to carry shipments of goods to deliver from one place to another. It was first called semi-trailers but later semi-trucks were adopted by the public. Because they have to carry larger and heavier loads, heavy-duty tires are used to make semi-trucks strong, durable, and reliable. These tires require more pressure and different methods to fill them. You will need at least 100 PSI to carry a regular load.

But if you are planning to carry more weight, you might need some more pressure on tires. We made this guide so you can know and understand different methods to fill air into the tires of semi-trucks and can easily apply them whenever you need them. Let’s walk through this guide together so we can find more about it and carefully apply the method for the best results and enhanced experience.

How to put air in semi truck tires?


Before starting this procedure, there are some things that you should know and consider while following the steps. To avoid any damage that can happen to the tire, you need to take precautions that we will be discussing during the procedure. The accessories or things that you will need for filling the air in tires are listed below:

  • Air pump or air compressor
  • Regulator
  • Pressure gauge
  • Tire chuck with air connector

Step # 1: Determining and checking the pressure

The first step in this procedure of putting air in semi-truck tires is to determine how much air pressure your tires need to hold a certain amount of weight. Most semi-trucks need 100 PSI with a normal weight range but if the weight is lighter, 85 PSI to 95 PSI will also work and for a heavier weight you can use a pressure of up to 105 PSI to 115 PSI.

The process also requires you to check for the pressure in all your tires so you can know which tire needs air and how much air is required. You can easily use a pressure gauge to check the pressure of air in the tires.

Step # 2: Taking precautions and safety measures

After determining and checking the air pressure, you need to make sure you follow all the safety measures and take precautions because it is better than regretting later. You need to make sure that the tires of your semi-truck are cold because you must not ever fill the air in hot tires. Also, your pressure gauge will not work correctly if the tires are not cold.

Step # 3: Setting up to fill the air 

The third step you need to do is set up all the things like your regulator and pressure gauge. You need to attach the regulator to the air pump or air compressor and then connect the hose to the tire with the help of an air connector. It is important to connect the regulator with the tire so that you can check how much pressure is required more to fill the tire to the desired level.

Also, remove the stem caps of the valve and make sure that you securely place them somewhere because you need to close them after filling the air in a tire. We suggest you place them in your pockets so you do not lose them.

Step # 4: Preparing the air pump

You can use an air compressor or a manual air pump to fill the tires. You also have the option to fill the air in your tires from any pump station near your house. If you are using a nearby station to fill the tires of your semi truck then you need to add coins to the machine so it provides you the required pressure.

Step # 5: Filling up tires

For the fifth step of the procedure, you need to connect the hose of the air pump or air compressor to the valve of the tire and start filling the tire by pressing the button. You need to keep checking the regulator and pressure gauge to keep up with the pressure that is building up in the tire to inflate. If the pressure gauge is showing low pressure and air then keep filling the air but if you accidentally have a little more air in the tire then stop filling and remove some air from the tire with the help of a pin.

Step # 7: Repeat the process

This is the next and last step of the procedure for the process of how to put air in a semi-truck. Once you complete the first six steps, your air will have been filled in one tire. You need to repeat all the processes again and again until all your tires are filled.


The thing we recommend you the most is to take precautions and safety measures during the whole process as a little carelessness can cause problems. You might feel confused at first about how you are going to do it but once you get started, you will see that it was as easy as ABC. The only thing you need to care about while filling a tire is that you keep an eye on the pressure gauge to fill perfect pressure in the tires.

The right pressure will also help you in increasing the gas mileage as well as smooth driving. We are very hopeful that this step-by-step informational guide on “How to put air in semi truck tires?” lived completely up to your expectations and how you wanted it to be. We made sure that you get every little detail that you were looking for. Now, the only thing left is to apply this method and steps to fill the air in the tires of a semi-truck.

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