Cargo-loading has always been a necessity long before the invention of vehicles. So far, the best and safest way of hauling cargo is through a pickup truck. Now, we all know how massive and good looking these vehicles are, but some problems come with having a pickup truck.

The first problem is the excessive fuel consumption, and the second is rain. Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to find a solution for the first problem, and you might even have to modify your engine or hack some chunks of your truck’s body.

On the other hand, the rain and other ugly weather conditions dampening your pickup truck’s bed can be fixed. If your truck has a bed, you lead stuff onto it for transportation, but have you ever considered covering the equipment up with something? If not, that’s a huge loss.

If you leave your truck bed uncovered, there are many possibilities for a series of accidents happening with it. The equipment may get stolen or destroyed by harsh weather conditions. Do you want a proper solution to this problem? If yes, then the best tonneau cover will help you protect your truckload efficiently. There are plenty of tonneau covers available in the market that you can try on your truck, but it can be not easy to find one that suits your truck correctly.

Here’s a thought, why not go for the MaxMate Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover? It is one of the absolute best tonneau covers in the entire industry of truck bed covers. Besides that, MaxMate is a well-reputed vehicle gear company that has been in business for a long time. Today, we will tell you about the MaxMate Soft Roll-up tonneau cover, and whether it’s suitable for your truck.


  • Stainless Steel clamps
  • US design patented
  • Latch system on the tailgate
  • Manufactured with dual-coated 24-oz Vinyl
  • Horizontal crossbars are pre-assembled
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Velcro strip seals
  • No-drill installment


It requires a brave heart to leave a truck loaded with equipment uncovered in the middle of the night. How long can you use traditional methods to cover the truck bed up? That is never a reliable solution because it can easily be taken off or torn.

What you need is a good quality tonneau cover. Have you considered using the MaxMate Soft roll-up tonneau truck bed cover?

The MaxMate Roll-up tonneau cover is compatible with the 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra models with 5.5 FT beds. The common reason why a lot of truck owners prefer this tonneau cover above others is that it is easy to use and does not demand any complicated knowledge regarding the installation process.

More on this, only a thick and efficiently constructed tonneau cover can last for a long time and protect your equipment from getting damaged or stolen, the MaxMate Soft Roll-up tonneau cover both thick and loaded with tons of amazing features that will satisfy all the truck users.

Design and Features

This product is regarded as one of the top-rated tonneau covers in the market. MaxMate tonneau cover is manufactured with a US patented design that includes dual-coated 24-oz, High-grade vinyl top.

Besides that, it also includes heavy-duty aluminum-coated clamps and side rails with pre-assembled horizontal crossbars that provide a lot of support when you want to roll the cover-up.

When it comes to the clamps, they work efficiently, and we love how the crossbars are bowed for a great deal of support and natural water flow from the top.

Furthermore, the Velcro strap seals enhance the cover’s sides, and the latch lock system on the tailgate provides security.

Also, you can adjust the cover’s tension, all thanks to the tension system located on the side rails. The tension system makes sure the cover is wrinkle-free and tight during the drive. Another great thing about this tonneau cover is that it offers a no-drill installation.

Though it is elementary to set it up, it still includes a user-friendly instruction manual for installation purposes. Moreover, even if you have a Bedliner cover, the MaxMate tonneau cover will always fit perfectly.

Like other vehicles that feature over-the-bed rail Bedliners, you have to cut tiny holes to protect the clamps from damaging. Besides that, it works great without any modification for trucks with under-the-bed rail Bedliners.

The MaxMate Soft Roll-up tonneau truck bed cover features weather stripping to eliminate the presence of water or moisture. Also, the straps are available to cover the three areas of the cover from strong winds while you’re on the road.

Without a doubt, this is an easy to use tonneau cover, and the 10-year warranty makes it even worth-while.

  • Pre-assembled horizontal slabs
  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty tarp and rails
  • Latch system
  • Some issues of durability
  • The side rails are heavy

When you buy a pickup truck, the first thing that comes to mind is that the truck bed is bare and open. You want to make sure your truck is protected, and the care will not cost you a fortune. To fix this problem, it is best to search for a beautiful tonneau cover to equip your truck with. A truck bed cover offers many benefits; it protects your cargo from unwanted situations and enhances the appearance and gas mileage of your truck as well.

Other than being extremely efficient, it is also an affordable way of protecting your investment. Moreover, you need to select a cover that easily fits your truck and does not require any technical knowledge to operate. The MaxMate Roll-up truck bed cover is your best bet, as it is feature-filled, easy to use and install, locks up tightly, and offers an incredible 10-year warranty.

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