You own a pickup truck that you use for business and as well as for personal use, but you are confused about whether you should have a tonneau cover or not. And if yes, then which one is the best for you to choose from.

If you are in this similar situation, then you have come to the right place, here you will get the answer to all of these questions.

When you use a pickup truck to transport the cargo from one place to another, there are some factors that can affect the items in your truck bed, and for that, you look for something which can protect your cargo from all these factors.

One of the significant factors you all may have faced is the climate situation. Suppose you are carrying a heavy load in your open truck bed space, and on the way the rain starts, you will not have enough time to find a shelter to prevent rainwater from effecting the items in the truck bed.

Not only the rain, but snow, thunderstorms, or any other weather situation can occur at any time. Using conventional products or plastic cover is of no help because they cannot face the severity of the weather.

Since the cargo is in your truck bed, it becomes your responsibility that the shipment reaches its destination in its original shape and in a given time.

Not only the weather condition, but there are also some other factors, you need to protect the cargo from. When you have an open truck bed space, it means that the items in it will be visible to everyone; you cannot leave the truck bed unattended as it will allow the thieves to take away the items from the truck bed.

When you carry fragile products in your truck bed, and you have to pass through the unbalanced road, this is where a good tonneau cover will be of help to you. You need a product, which in addition to providing security and protection, also offers you stability.

To make sure that your shipment is not affected by any of these factors, you need a truck bed tonneau cover. But again, the problem is that there are hundreds of covers are available in the market, offering different features and designs.

Choosing the best tonneau cover according to your vehicle becomes difficult. But as you are here, you should not be worried about anything at all.

Here we are giving you a detailed review of one of the best tonneau cover, and that is North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover, which has its own features and characteristics, making it different from the others.

Let’s go through some of its main specifications to get an idea of it.


  • Brand: North Mountain
  • Style: Soft Vinyl Roll-up
  • Size: 5.7 feet
  • Item Weight: 8 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 83 x 7.09 x 7.48 inches
  • Top-Mount Style
  • Unique rear tailgate seals
  • UV-resistant
  • Quick One-Finger release design
  • Each cover is custom made to fit a specific truck.
  • Three-year warranty


It is crucial for you that the goods you are carrying in your truck bed must reach safely to the destination without any damage and in the given time frame. For that, you have tried different methods, but none workouts to be efficient.

In today’s world, we have products that can cater to our needs. Thanks to the North Mountain Brand that they have introduced the North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover that not only keeps your goods safe and secure but also gives a stylish look to the truck.

By using this tonneau cover, you can be assured that outside factors will not be able to affect your shipment in any way. North Mountain is an established brand with years of experience; it makes sure that their tonneau covers are reliable, durable, efficient, easy to use, and that it fulfills the requirements of the user.

Despite having a high demand for their covers, North Mountain never compromises on quality, due to which their covers are listed among the top-rated products.

Design and Features:

Customer satisfaction is what matters the most for North Mountain, and due to this, they make a 3D design for each truck model, ensuring that each cover perfectly fits in your truck bed.

Therefore, the first thing you should check is the compatibility; this cover is the best fit for 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup 5.7 Feet and 2010-2018 Dodge Ram 2500 Pickup 5.7 Feet. If you have any of these models, this cover is the best pick for you.

Talking about the material, this bed tonneau cover is made up of double PVC layers, tear-resistant vinyl fabric. It is stitched with OEM grade American and Efird brand high tear strength nylon thread, making this cover weatherproof, long-lasting, and UV protective.

Tonneau cover sits on top of the bed rail with a glossy look, gives you an excellent shield for your pickup truck. With the super-smooth operation, you can roll up evenly and tightly whenever you need the full bed space.

With a perfect fit, this cover requires no drilling or any other extra tool for installation. You can set it up on your own in a few minutes with or without the help of the installation guide.

In addition to the cover and installation manual, the package includes side rails, clamps, hex keys, and all other required parts.

The cover uses the Velcro hook and loops, which is the best in the industry.  Along with Aluminum frame and rails, Low profile crossbars are connected with the tarp and will roll-up together with the cover giving stability and strength.

Tension adjustable design keeps the tarp tight and straight, not allowing water to enter in the truck bed.  Plus, it also helps in improve gas mileage up to 10% by refining aerodynamics.

Although the tonneau covers of North Mountain are ISO certified, even then, it offers you a three years warranty. All these functions and features are given to you at an affordable rate.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Lightweight
  • Reinforced nylon components with anti-cold weather treatment
  • Provides all weather protection
  • Perfect fit and looks great
  • Tension adjustment a little bit difficult for a new person.

Tonneau covers manufactured by North Mountain are widely used and are considered as one of the best tonneau covers you can have for your vehicle. The unique features of North Mountain Soft Vinyl Roll-up Tonneau Cover make it one of the top-rated and most-selling tonneau cover.

Due to high demand, the stock is limited, so don’t waste time and order it now.  

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