The raining season is about to arrive, and you have not prepared anything for it to continue your work of transporting goods from one place to another. Well, better late than never. We have got you covered, after reading this article, you will no longer need to worry about it at all.

The main thing when transporting goods or material is that the shipment should reach its destination without being affected by anything at all, such as heavy rain, windstorms, or snow. The chances increase when your truck bed is open and is exposed to air.

Weather is not the only factor we should be worried about; there are some other factors as well, which are important to consider when carrying goods in your truck.

One of the factors includes the condition of the road; the damaged roads can lead to instability, due to which the load can get cracked or broken down into pieces, which definitely no one wants to happen.

The other important thing is that sometimes you are traveling alone in a deserted area, there are chances that cargo might get stolen by robbers, so providing security is as important as keeping the shipment in its original form and shape.

You may already have faced such problems, but not anymore, and if you have not faced any, you are lucky, before getting into trouble, you are getting a solution.

So let’s come directly to the point. The product which has the capability to protect and secure your cargo is a truck bed tonneau cover. Here we are going to give you a detailed review about one of the most selling and top-rated truck bed tonneau cover, and that is TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 1471801.

By using TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover, you can be assured that outside factors will not be able to affect your goods. Truxedo makes sure that their product is reliable, durable, efficient, easy to use, and that it gives you a sense of security that your goods are safe and will not be affected by anything from outside.

As Truxedo’s tonneau covers are always in high demand, limited stock is available, so you must get your own as soon as possible and make your journey comfortable and relaxed.

Let’s check some of its main specifications and features to understand this truck bed tonneau cover better and to make it easy for you to make your mind to get it.


  • Brand: Truxedo
  • Size: 5′ 8″ Bed
  • Style: Pro X15
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 9.5 x 5.2 inches
  • Easy to use fastener
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Weatherproof
  • Material: Premium, superior-grade matte-black woven fabric
  • Black exterior with glossy design
  • Aluminum panels with durability
  • Dustproof and tear-resistant


Truxedo is an established brand, and truck bed tonneau covers are their main product. Being a major supplier and manufacturer of tonneau covers, no one can compete with Truxedo’s products.

Despite having a high demand for their truck bed tonneau covers, Truxedo never compromises on quality, durability, affordability, and of course, on the efficiency of products. Rather it keeps bringing innovation in the products to make it more reliable.

Although a wide variety of tonneau covers are available by Truxedo, here we will give you a detailed review of TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 1471801.

Truxedo Pro X15 is one of the top-rated truck bed tonneau covers, and it has all the latest features and functions to make it the most versatile product of this brand.

After reading this article completely, you will know that this product can solve most of your problems, and you will not require any other product other than Pro X15 truck bed tonneau cover to protect your cargo from external factors.

Let’s see in detail some key aspects of this truck bed tonneau cover.

Design and Features:

Before ordering any product, you should thoroughly know about its specifications and characteristics so that you get the product you need.

When it comes to truck bed tonneau covers, there are a few things which you should know. Firstly, you should know your pickup type and model because truck bed tonneau covers are custom made and are designed, keeping in mind the model of the truck.

Secondly, you should have an actual measurement of the truck bed with you so that you get the truck bed tonneau cover, which perfectly fits in your vehicle.

TruXedo Pro X15 Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 1471801 is the best fit for 14-18, 2019 Limited/Legacy GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5’8″. Don’t worry if your model or size does not match. Other models and sizes are also available.

If you see its exterior look, this truck bed tonneau cover is furnished with premium matte black fabric, gives you a glossy look that you cannot find anywhere else.

Self-leveling design, tear-resistant and waterproof feature makes it vital for you to cover your goods with this truck bed tonneau cover as it will efficiently protect the load and will not let anything enter in the truck bed.

Trigger latch system on the driver’s side makes sure that it’s secure and, at the same time, easy to operate without any hassle.

Pro X15 soft roll-up feature allows you to roll this cover-up giving you 100% bed access, and the quick-release system allows the cover to be removed in seconds if you need more space, or you don’t require the shelter at that time.

Truxedo Pro X15 is built with an automatic tension control system allowing the cover to stay tight to the truck bed during the traveling without the need for manual adjustment.

With all these features and characteristics, Truxedo Pro X15 comes limited lifetime warranty. What else you need to make your mind to order this wonderful and efficient truck bed tonneau cover.

  • Easy and quick installation without the need for drilling
  • Protects from all harsh environmental conditions
  • Fit well and look’s great
  • Durable and reliable
  • Maintenance required over time
  • May be expensive for some users

If you own this truck model, then you cannot find a better truck bed tonneau cover than Truxedo Pro X15. And if you have any other truck model, you should look for Truxedo’s products as there is no match for Truxedo’s truck bed tonneau covers. There should be no doubt that Truxedo is manufacturing one of the finest tonneau covers in the world. It’s upon you now to make a choice and be sure that you will regret it if you do not order this truck bed tonneau cover right now.

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