Have you ever got a chance to try a tonneau cover for your truck? Did you ever realize that your truck really needs a tonneau cover for its better protection? If you didn’t notice, take a look at your truck bed, which is getting damaged day by day with the nasty weather conditions.

Tonneau covers are the best investment your truck bed really needs. Without tonneau covers, your truck bed not only gets damaged by the poor weather conditions, but your cargo also gets affected by the weather.

There is a great chance of robbery when your gear is openly stored into the truck bed so that thieves could easily get into your truck and steal all your things.

So think about it and get a reliable tonneau cover for your truck. It provides extreme protection to your cargo from getting stolen and also gives maximum support to the truck bed from getting harmed by the weather.

The best truck bed tonneau cover is also a speedy accommodation in terms of set-up and use. In contrast to metal made covers, softcovers are lighter in weight and also very self-supporting, which means they need less hardware.

Truck bed covers give you progressively secure transportation of your load while additionally improving eco-friendliness by limiting the impact of drag.

If you feel difficulty in finding the right product, let us help you. We come up with a list of best Tyger Auto tonneau covers for your truck. Check out the list below!

1) TG-BC3C1003 Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover For Chevy Silverado

This Tyger Auto trucker cap on our list of best pick tonneau cover is one of the best Tyger t3 tonneau covers. It is presented by the Tyger Auto that is prepared by knowing all the needs from a user’s perspective.

This tonneau cover comes with a customized look that not only gives a fantastic look to your truck but also provides protection to your cargo. Your cargo and gear will be in safe mode under this cover, which lay down on the top of the bed.

Without the tonneau cover, when you leave your truck overnight or when you are away from your truck, there is the possibility that someone can easily get into the truck and steal all of your things. It additionally increases the mileage from 10 to 13% of your truck.

This Tyger Auto cover helps in minimizing the risk of robbery and keep your cargo secure. It is best suitable during the unpleasant condition of weather. It shields your gear and equipment safe from the weather as it covers the whole truck bed.

Comprises of an aluminum frame, stainless steel clamps, pre-assembled horizontal crossbars, and marine-grade vinyl sheet that makes the whole of this cover. This cover is compatible with the 2007-2013 model of Chevy Silverado and with the 2007 model of GMC Sierra 1500. Moreover, it best fits on the truck bed of 5.8 feet.

  • Secure Locking Mechanism: This incredible Tyger Auto cover patented design in the US. It comes up with a secure locking mechanism that includes stainless steel clamps to provide maximum security and durability.
  • Pre-assembled crossbars: If you need to access the full bed, it accompanies pre-assembled horizontal crossbars. So that with the use of these crossbars, the user will be able to access his cargo quickly and easily.
  • Quick Installation: Unlike other tonneau covers, this Tyger Auto cover does not need any tool and drilling process as it comes completely assembled. All you need to do is to lay it down and fix it on the rail of the truck bed.
  • Weathertight Sealing: This sturdy cover tightly sealed on both sides of the truck to protect your things, cargo, or gear from water, UV rays, hails, and snow. It provides a maximum of support to your cargo during the drive.
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Increase mileage
  • Easy installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • It slightly flaps while going down high on the road

2) TG-BC3C1039 Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover for Chevy Colorado

This is another sheet presented by the Tyger Auto that comes with several remarkable features. Tyger Auto industry always comes up with quality products because it takes care of the customer’s needs and wants.

With the use of this cover, you will feel a big difference in the performance of your truck. It minimizes the effect of dragging, and as a result, it maximizes fuel efficiency from 10-13%. In short, it saves money.

It turns your truck into a house of protection where you place and stores your things without any fear of robbery and danger. It best fits your truck bed with a length of approximately 5.2 feet. So that means it only fits your Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon with a 5.2 feet truck bed model.

If it talks about its compatibility, then it is compatible with your favorite 2015 to 2021 model of Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. So always make sure and measure the bed of your truck before making any purchase of this cover.

Upholstered with the marine-grade vinyl material along with the aluminum frame that ensures high support and durability. Moreover, it accompanies stainless steel clamps and horizontal crossbars for maximum stability.

The best point is, it does not require any drilling. It simply works excellently under the bed-rail Bedliner without any modifications. In this way, it lessens your effort and minimizes the time. You can individually make set up of this cover by yourself.

  • Soft-top: Unlike other bedsheets of the truck, it comes with the soft-top for speedy accommodation and easy set-up. As it comprises of the soft top, so it must be light in weight and require less hardware.
  • Heavy-duty frame: Made out of heavy-duty 24oz marine-grade vinyl along with the dual-coated cover. Manufactured with the marine-grade tear-resistant vinyl that is a high-quality material and helps to protect your truck for a long-time.
  • Built-in cross-bars: It comes with attached horizontal cross-bars that let you access your accessories easily. When to reach your cargo, roll up these cross-bars with the tarp and get your loadout quickly.
  • Mount easily: Go ahead with the easy step by step instructions, and you will be able to mount this cover by yourself. It does not require any drilling for installation. Although, all the necessary hardware is involved in it.
  • Saves fuel
  • Sturdy fold design
  • Provide quick access
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Plastic clamps

3) TG-BC3D1011 Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover For Dodge Ram 1500:

Do you want to wear your truck bed with a reliable and strong tonneau cover? If yes, then you got a big deal here. Tyger Auto offers another product for your beautiful trucks to give them a high rate of protection.

This tonneau cover is best for the 2002 to 2019 model of Dodge 2500 along with the 2003 to 2018 model of Dodge 2500 and 3500. It fits the fleetside 6.4 feet. It means if your model of Dodge has a bed of 6.4 feet, this cover will perfectly fit on it.

When talks about the Tyger vs. Gator tonneau covers, then the Tyger Auto tonneau covers are best in all perspectives. This is also the best Tyger cover as compare to Gator.

It is very convenient to cart your gear and valuable things. And at the same time, it minimizes the risk of robbery and resists weather conditions. So that your cargo will remain safe inside the bed.

It is also a tri-folded cover, which means it can be folded in three easy modes. If you want to load out some of your cargo, fold it twice. Same as, if you want full access to the truck bed, fold it thrice.

Furthermore, it is made out of sturdy materials that help to increase its life. Made out of industrial material marine-grade vinyl. The entire cover is dipped into the double coats of marine-grade vinyl.

  • Gas saving: It saves your money at the gas station on a daily basis by increasing the mileage. It not only saves 1 or 2% of gas, but it also saves up to 13% of gas and improves fuel efficiency.
  • Customized fitment: This tonneau cover let you fit this customized cover to wrap your truck bed. It gives a safe environment to your cargo without any damage. Provide a sleek design and help to save 13% of gas usage.
  • Pre-assembled components: It comes with all the pre-assembled components to reduce the efforts of users. The built-in crossbars and clamps are in an assembled form to offer support, and they easily fold up into three segments.
  • Hardware inclusion: This sturdy cover comes with all the necessary hardware and instruction manual. You don’t need to do drilling and make additional holes as it already comes in assembled form with all the required holes.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame
  • Weathertight
  • Tear-resistant
  • It has a limited lifetime warranty
  • It has limited compatibility

4) TG-BC3F1041  Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover for Ford F-150

Presents another incredible tonneau cover from Tyger Auto for those who are in a continuous effort of finding a strong cover compatible with their Ford model. Tyger Auto presented the most reliable tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover of premium quality.

Black sleek design top cover that fits the need of a truck to look attractive and elegant. This cover gives a fantastic look when it sits on the top of the truck bed rail. It gives an eye-catchy look to your truck.

Customized fitment for the 2015 to 2021 model of Ford F-150 with the style side of 5.5 feet. So if you own a Ford with the model of F-150, then this cover best suitable for your truck.

This sleek style black cover gives protection to your cargo while driving. What’s more, it eliminates the risk of robbery and also protects your cargo against nasty weather.

Upholstered with the marine-grade vinyl that is a high-quality material to provide high-durability. The entire cover is wrapped with the dual-coats of industrial-grade vinyl to provide enough protection to your things from water and adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, it is powerful enough that it can tackle the effects of tearing. It can easily resist water, snow, dust, and any other elements that may damage or harm your valuable things stored in the truck bed.

  • Sturdy Alu Alloy frame: The Alu alloy frame gives support to keep your load at the highest level of protection. The entire integrated frame is made with aircraft aluminum for serving the long-term. This US design patented cover comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Tri-folded: The name shows that it is a t3 tri-folded cover, that means if you want to access some of your things, you can fold it in twice mode with the help of pre-assembled horizontal cross-bars. But for full access, it offers you the facility of tri-folding this cover.
  • Security clamps: It includes stainless steel clamps for the purpose of quick installation. The two types of clamps are included in this package. The front clamps are used for providing security, and the rear clamps are used for the quick latch.
  • Tight seal: When it comes to the point of installation, it tightly sealed on both sides of the truck bed to provide a barrier against water, snow, hail, dust, and adverse weather condition. You can say that it shields your cargo from bad external conditions.
  • Easy to install
  • No drilling require
  • Weather-proof
  • Limited warranty
  • A little difficult instructions

5) TG-BC3F1124 Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover for Ford F-250

One more soft-top tri-folded cover presents by the Tyger Auto company. This company always takes care of the needs of its customers and provides products by keeping in mind the user’s perspective.

This time, it comes up with another masterpiece of tonneau cover that fits truck of specific Ford model. Bed TG-BC3F1124 specially designed to best suited on the 6.75 feet bed truck of Ford F-250 and F-350.

Compatibility criteria implement for the Ford model that launches for the era of 2017-2020. So that if you own any of this type of Ford model, you can make a purchase of this cover that will surely fit the requirements of your model.

The whole cover is dipped into the double coats of heavy-duty 24oz marine-grade aluminum. It also includes a frame made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, which helps to enhance the life of this cover. In short, it is known as the best roll-up tonneau cover.

It efficiently boosts the efficiency of fuel by reducing the effect of dragging. As a result, you don’t need to additionally pay for the gas at gas stations daily. Save your cash, enjoy the drive, and eliminate the fear of robbery.

What’s more, it comes with the built-in crossbars to increase the level of easiness. You can access your cargo whenever and wherever you needed by the use of these crossbars.

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum frame: Integrated powder-coated aluminum frame that is so powerful to super-secure your cargo. The powder-coat of aluminum on the frame protects against weather-resistance and rust-resistance.
  • Easy mounting: It easily mounts on the top rail of the truck bed without any use of drilling. The holes that are needed to attach the cover on the bed already done on the cover. Just read the instruction manual, use the hardware, and install it.
  • Fold-up thrice: Unlike other types of tonneau covers, it comes with three folding mechanisms. For the half access, just fold it two times and make access to your cargo. And for full access, fold it three times by the use of built-in crossbars.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel clamps: Inclusion of heavy-duty stainless steel clamps gives an easy way to mount it. The front clamps pack the cargo and provide security whereas, the clamps used at the back give quick latch.
  • Formidable stability
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Provide maximum security
  • Accompanies with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Clamps do not have padding to prevent scratches

6) TG-BC3N1048 Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover  For Nissan Titan 

If you are the owner of a Nissan Titan powerful truck, then this cover is the best option for you. It fulfills the needs of a protection providing cover for your 2017 to 2019 model of Nissan Titan. Beautifully covers the truck bed with this 5.5 feet sheet.

This sleek design cover gives your truck an elegant look. It is rich in features and functionalities. It helps to improve fuel efficiency by minimizing the effect of drag. So it simply saves your money that serves on the gas station.

If you are afraid of your cargo’s protection, then this cover might help you in this case. No worries about getting stolen of your cargo, drive freely by storing your precious things into the bed of your truck.

What includes in the package? All the components inside the box come completely assembled along with all the required hardware in it. All the holes are already made, so no need for any further drilling process.

The whole material of the cover is wrapped in the dual-layer of heavy-duty 24 oz marine-grade vinyl. Sturdy frame that stays firmly on the top of the bed rail. Provide a barrier against water, dust, and all those elements that harm the bed and your things.

Moreover, it is best suited for those who need to cover their Nissan Titan with the convenient cover. It is fit for the models that come with or without the utility-track system. So always make sure before making any purchase of such types of covers.

  • Horizontal Crossbars: Metal made horizontal crossbars give support and provide convenience during the access of cargo. It is flexible and adjustable so that one can easily make access to the load by the utilization of horizontal crossbars.
  • Tri-folding tear-resistant: The whole cover is constructed with the premium quality material that offers topmost shielding effect from harmful elements, and also it resists against the severe effects of tearing.
  • Mounting hardware: Very straightforward to install it on the top of the bed by mounting the necessary hardware that comes inside the package of this cover. Read the instruction manual and do it accordingly.
  • Upholstery: This incredible cover is upholstered with top-quality material, sturdy frame, stainless steel front, and rear clamps, and horizontal crossbars. These components make up the whole cover.
  • Weathertight
  • Tear-resistant
  • Improve Fuel Efficiency
  • It is very effortless to install
  • It flaps at high speed

7) TG-BC3N1028 Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover for Nissan Frontier

If you want to invest in any of the best tonneau covers for your pickup truck, then Tyger Auto tonneau cover is the perfect option for you. This tonneau cover is the ultimate option for all those who are in search of giving their truck bed all-time security and protection.

This tonneau cover provides you a lot of facilities. With this tonneau cover, it does not need you to drill any additional hole on your vehicle just to get it installed. It is designed for the 2005-2021 model of the Nissan Frontier and the 2009-2014 model of Suzuki Equator.

It gives you the ultimate peace of mind while driving because of the heavy-duty front clamps installed on your truck bed railings to provide super-security.

Whereas, latches at the back are a cinch to operate that helps to provide access to the precious space of the truck. The sleek design cover gives you a straightforward method to install.

The super-secure bed cover accompanies making up of marine-grade vinyl. This double coats of marine vinyl keep your cargo well-protected against the harmful elements.

When talking about the frame of this cover, it comprises of aircraft powder-coated aluminum that makes the base of the cover. This frame gives strength to the cover that helps to stay this cover on the top of the bed railing.

  • Weathertight Sealing: The seal on both sides of the truck bed is so tight. Weathertight sealing forms the perimeter of the trucker cap. It helps to make sure that unnecessary elements, either it is human or nature, will not be able to gain access.
  • Three-segments unfold: Features three segments easy folding for getting proper access to the precious space of the cargo. This cover is the same as the roll-up cover when trying to access the bed for efficient ease of use.
  • Compatibility: This sturdy three-segment unfold design cover is suitable for all the pickup trucks. But the best compatible with Nissan Frontier and Suzuki Equator of 2005-2021 and 2009-2014 models.
  • Rigid skeleton: The rigid skeleton refers to the term frame. Its frame is made up of aluminum that makes a rigid skeleton to support the truck bed at the highest level of protection. It additionally helps to sit firmly on the bed rail.
  • Highly supportive aluminum frame
  • Fast installation
  • Stable design
  • Lifetime warranty is limited
  • Some customers find it a little difficult to install

8) TG-BC3T1432 Tyger Auto  Tonneau Cover for Toyota Tundra

If you want to make a purchase of tonneau cover for your Toyota Tundra model of 2014 to 2021, then this is the supreme choice for you to pick. The sheet size is 5.5 feet to fit your bed truck of the Toyota Tundra model.

It gives you high security while driving and transporting your cargo from one place to another. Take your cargo safely under this cover at its destination by eliminating the fear of those elements that may harm your cargo.

This sturdy cover easily get folds to provide you with maximum vertical space on your truck bed. As it is also a tri-folded cover that makes ease for you when folds in three different segments.

It makes your gear accessible by folding it in two folds and three folds. If you want quick access to your load stored in the bed truck, make twin folding of this cover. And if you want full bed access, make triple folding of this cover.

It sits perfectly on the top railing of your Toyota pickup truck. You can say that it is one of the best tonneau covers for Tundra Crewmax. It only takes a maximum of 5 minutes to get installed on your truck bed.

Furthermore, in the end, you will be able to find it how much straight, taut, and sleek design cover it is. The horizontal crossbars and the aluminum-made alloy rails give your truck a reliable framework.

  • Super-secure frame: It is a Tygor auto product that accompanies with a powder-coated aluminum skeleton. Its skeleton ensures the strength of the full cover. It helps to securely protect your cargo.
  • Easy maintenance: As most of the covers require proper maintenance. But this cover is made up of marine-grade vinyl that gives a sleek look to this cover. This sleek design cover is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Built-in clamps: Not only the clamps but all the components of this cover also comes in fully assembled form. This is because it provides extreme easiness to its users and facilitates them by reducing their effort of assembling it by yourself.
  • Easy setup: As it does not require complicated hardware for the installation process. It only takes a maximum of 5 minutes to lay down and set on the top railing of the truck bed. No need to make efforts while installing it.
  • 5 mins to install
  • Convenient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Seals are not completely waterproof

9) TG-BC3T1530  Tyger Auto Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma

This 5 feet sheet is best suitable for the Toyota Tacoma model of 2016-2018 and also for all those trucks that have a truck bed with a length of 5 feet. An ultimate pick to cover your cargo from unnecessary things that may ruin your load.

Features a 24oz heavy-duty marine-grade material that makes this cover. This material is of premium quality, as it is mostly used in Tyger Auto tonneau covers. It increases the life of this cover and serves for a long period.

It comprises a tear-resistant fabric that makes it a good case for being a high-quality, tri-fold truck bed tonneau cover. The three-segments unfold feature is used to make it more preferable and convenient.

In case, if you have stored your gear in your truck bed and you are away from your truck, this cover will safely protect your cargo and gear from prying eyes. It makes a protected shield on all over your cargo to secure not only your cargo but also the truck bed.

Its powerful frame is engineered to enhance the stability of cover and ensure the reliability. The entire structure contains three horizontal crossbars to provide maximum accessibility to the users.

Unlike other tonneau covers, the Tyger Auto tonneau covers always come in assembled form. No drilling, no additional tools, and no effort will be required during its installation.

  • High-quality material: As it is also a product of Tyger Auto so definitely made up of marine-grade vinyl. The dual coats of high-quality marine-grade vinyl eliminate the effects of tearing and also create a barrier against dangerous elements.
  • Aluminum structure: The whole structure or skeleton of this cover is made by the premium quality aluminum. It is so powerful that it can not allow the cover to a flap during the high speed of your pickup truck.
  • Tight seal: Sealed firmly on both bedsides to stop entering the water, snow, hail, and all other things that can easily destroy your gear and cargo. Drive with fun and remove the fear of getting your cargo ruin.
  • Sturdy clamps: Pre-assembled stainless steel clamps used for dual purposes. One provides the security and the second for the quick latching at the back of your truck bed. It is so strong that it can weathertight the sheet on the top.
  • High durability cover
  • Weather-proof
  • Tear-resistant
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Minimal gains in fuel economy


The bottom line is, we have provided you the top-rated tonneau cover reviews 2021. As it is the basic installation need of the pickup truck as it assists with shielding your load from burglary and the components.

The listed covers are presented by Tyger Auto to accommodate the requirements of a pick-up truck. These covers are comprised of all the features that one best cover should have.

We have mentioned each and every single feature along with their flaws. Although these are the minor flaws that do not have a major effect on its features. Good luck, and make the best purchase of tonneau cover for your truck.

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